Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Embarks on Proactive Pathology Results Pilot With Carefx

April 27, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, England and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 27 /PRNewswire/ — Carefx Corp., a leading provider of interoperable workflow solutions, today announced that it is working with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) on a new pilot project to improve and simplify the process of placing pathology orders at the point of care.

The six-month pilot will monitor the use of ordering systems and automatically present clinicians with the most recent and relevant test results during the process of placing an order. Rules applied to the current patient and test being ordered are used to decide whether to accept the order or to interact with the user presenting relevant decision support data. By delivering test results during the ordering process, the Trust can enhance decision support and speed of operation for clinicians, significantly improving the quality of patient care and reducing costs.

“This pilot scheme is about providing more complete and accurate information to clinicians at the point of care,” said Dianne Nixon, Head of Strategic Systems at CUH and responsible for the IT design of the pilot.

“When the doctor, nurse or consultant orders a test within the pilot scheme, the most recent pathology results are made available automatically as part of the process. The clinical staff member can then choose whether or not to proceed with ordering the test, based on the information presented. This pilot will demonstrate the viability of using decision support in this way to help improve patient care, as well as reducing the number of pathology test requests across the Trust. As a Trust, CUH has always looked for innovative technology solutions to improve patient care. Working with Carefx, we expect this pilot to deliver on both counts,” continued Nixon.

The pilot project builds on the Trust’s existing Carefx implementation, which provides a more streamlined workflow for clinical staff. Wayne Parslow, EVP and General Manager EMEA for Carefx, commented, “The CUH project is a great example of how NHS Trusts are looking to improve the quality of patient care by making more efficient use of IT resources and staff. By being more proactive in information delivery at the point of care, CUH can ensure that patients are treated faster and more effectively. Carefx technology interoperates with existing applications and resources and does not require changes to these systems, enabling Trusts to bring together a unified view of patient data for clinical staff as they need it.”

About Carefx Corporation

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