May 12, 2010

Obama Unveils New Anti-drug Campaign

US President Barack Obama, in an attempt to curb drug use in young adults, released a new anti-drug campaign Tuesday that will put greater emphasis on prevention and treatment of the problem.

The plan calls for a reduction of 15 percent in the rate of drug use by chronic drug abusers and youths. The plan is also seeking to cut 15 percent of drug induced deaths by 2015.

Obama also wants drug use in young adults, and the incidence of driving under the influence of drugs, cut by 10 percent in the same time frame, according to a summary of the strategy, released by the White House.

Obama stated the new strategy will take a more balanced line of attack to the unrelenting and unsolved social problem that the US has dealt with for a long time through a heavily utilized "war on drugs" by law enforcement.

"By boosting community-based prevention, expanding treatment, strengthening law enforcement, and working collaboratively with our global partners, we will reduce drug use and the great damage it causes in our communities," Obama said in a statement.

He made it clear that he was confident that when the appropriate steps outlined in the strategy would take effect, "we will make our country stronger and our people healthier and safer."

The White House said the strategy will place special focus on prescription drug use, drugged driving and preventing drug use. It said prescription drug abuse was the country's fastest growing problem.

Community rehabilitation centers would be expanded to help those with drug addiction get more help to overcome their habit. Development of new medications and evidence-based treatments of addiction would also be implemented, the White House said.

Law enforcement would continue to play a significant role in the efforts to curb drug use and its effects, The White House added.


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