Bestnet Europe Ltd. Launches Netprotect® A — A Long Lasting Insecticide Net with an Improved Design for Better Use Compliance

May 17, 2010

KOLDING, Demark, May 17 /PRNewswire/ — Bestnet Europe Ltd. today announced the international launch of Netprotect® A, a new design for mosquito nets that makes using a Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Net easier, especially in homes with living spaces that are not compatible with traditionally designed nets.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets (LLINs) are a vital tool in the combat against malaria. Unfortunately crowded living spaces in sub-Saharan Africa often limit the percentage of individuals that use a traditionally designed rectangular or circular LLIN. Netprotect® A was developed to overcome the inherent problems with traditional bednet designs. The design of traditional LLINs requires that they either be permanently fixed in the main living area or that they be put up and taken down daily to allow the family to use their multi-functional living spaces.

Unfortunately, in many situations the lifespan of a traditionally designed LLIN can be compromised by its fixed location, which is often near cooking fires that can damage the nets. In situations where the nets are put up at night and then taken down by day, the constant placement and removal of the net can further damage an LLIN as it is tucked in and removed from the sleeping area daily. Studies have shown that wear and tear of traditional nets normally occurs within the lower 30% of the net.

Netprotect® A is the first LLIN designed specifically for non-permanent sleeping spaces. The net is triangular in shape and is permanently suspended from a cord that is fixed at two opposite points in the room. The unique design allows the net to simply be pushed to the side of the room in less than 30 seconds to allow for daytime activities, and removes it from close proximity to oil lamps and kitchen fires. To compensate for the fact that the net is designed to be moved during the day, and is further subjected to stress when it is continuously tucked in and removed from the sleeping area, Netprotect® A is reinforced by having a double layer of mesh in the lower portion of the bednet and the actual mesh has been rotated by 90 degrees to provide the extra strength needed.

Netprotect® A is made with the same insecticide incorporated monofilaments that all Netprotect® products are made from. Therefore, the denier, insecticide dosages and mesh sizes are identical to all other Netprotect® products and are compliant with the WHOPES certification for Netprotect®.

Netprotect® A was developed by Intelligent Insect Control with inspiration from Centre Muraz in Burkina Faso and help from KEMRI, Kenya.

About Bestnet Europe Ltd.

Bestnet Europe Ltd., manufacturers of the long-lasting mosquito net Netprotect®, supports the many ministries of health and relief organizations worldwide working for a life without malaria. Worldwide more than 1 million people a year die from malaria — most of which are children under 5 years — even though the disease is preventable.

Bestnet now produces more than 1.5 million Netprotect® mosquito nets per month. Netprotect® is produced in China, India and several locations in Africa, and the company is also working on creating an aid foundation, which will donate Netprotect® mosquito nets to selected villages in collaboration with partners and relief organizations globally.

More information about Netprotect® A is available at http://www.bestneteurope.com or by contacting Bestnet Director Trine Angeline Sig, ts@bestneteurope.com, mob.: +45 2826 2600.

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