Experts Provide Guidance to Support Better Prevention of Eczema in Children

May 19, 2010

GENEVA, May 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

– Expert Tips for Parents of Children With Eczema

Several leading European dermatologists have today launched guidance to
help parents reduce the burden of eczema on children living with this
disease. Experts from Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and Spain have come
together to agree a consensus of ‘top tips’, which focus on avoiding
situations that trigger painful flares and different ways to increase eczema
‘flare-free’ periods. The ‘top tips’, sponsored by Astellas Pharma Europe
Ltd., are launched today at the 10th European Society for Pediatric
Dermatology Congress (ESPD), Switzerland.

Professor Frederic Cambazard, Head of the Dermatology Service at the
Saint-Etienne University Hospital in Lyon, states that, “Parents can only
help children with atopic dermatitis if they understand the disease and how
to treat it. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic relapsing disease which needs
parental education. In fact there are many false beliefs about eczema which
can lead parents to sometimes manage their child’s eczema in the wrong way,
such as severe diet or insufficient washing. These ten tips will help to
improve parents’ knowledge on how to properly treat their child’s eczema.
They provide clear and simple behaviours which are important to help control
eczema skin and will also increase the efficiency of specific medical

One in five children live with eczema and its prevalence has doubled in
the past 30 years in industrialised societies.[1],[2],[3] Parents regard the
impact of eczema on their children’s quality of life as being as profound as
that arising from many other chronic debilitating diseases, such as
psoriasis, diabetes and cystic fibrosis.[4]

The expert ‘top tips’ cover a range of practical day-to-day advice to
manage childhood eczema, including steps to help prevent flare ups. These

    - Getting the teacher on side: Telling a school or nursery teacher about
      your child's eczema and the steps you are taking to avoid flare ups.

    - Get your child involved: Sitting down as a family to make a chart of
      things you will all do every day, every week and every month to prevent
      flare ups.[5]

    - Get the right treatment: Working closely with your child's doctor and
      nurses to monitor how effectively a treatment is working and ensure it
      is used correctly.[5] Some treatments are designed to be used regularly
      to prevent flare ups from happening, while others are used for a
      shorter period of time to treat a flare up and help the skin
      to heal.[6]

The UK National Eczema Society’s Chief Executive, Margaret Cox, commented
that, “Watching your child claw at their raw itching skin until it bleeds is
devastating: you feel powerless and alone. For the millions of children who
have eczema, it doesn’t have to be like this. If you know how to use your
treatments, the condition does usually improve. And by equipping parents with
the knowledge they need to help to prevent their child’s eczema flare ups, we
can dramatically improve a family’s quality of life. We welcome these simple
but essential steps to help parents cope. It is vital that parents have the
correct information about managing eczema in a readily understood format if
we are to truly tackle the daily misery that eczema brings in its wake.”

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