June 4, 2010

McDonald’s Recalls Shrek Drinking Glasses

McDonald's has recalled 12 million "Shrek"-themed glasses after discovering the paint on them contained cadmium.

The 16-ounce glasses were being sold for about $2 each and were available with pictures of four different characters from the movie.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warned consumers to stop using the glasses immediately.

Cadmium is a toxic metal that can damage the liver, kidneys, lung, nervous system and brain.

The CPSC is worried about long-term exposure to low levels in the glasses.

The metal could leach from the paint onto a child's hand and then enter the body if the child put the unwashed hand in their mouth.

McDonald's said it was asking customers to stop using the glasses "out of an abundance of caution."

"We believe the Shrek glassware is safe for consumer use," said McDonald's USA spokesman Bill Whitman.

"However, again to ensure that our customers receive safe products from us, we made the decision to stop selling them and voluntarily recall these products, effective immediately."

CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson said: "A very small amount of cadmium can come to the surface of the glass, and in order to be as protective as possible of children, CPSC and McDonald's worked together on this recall."

He said the amounts of cadmium from the paint tested "slightly above the protective level currently being developed by the agency."

He added that the glasses had "far less cadmium" than items of children's metal jewelry recalled by the CPSC earlier this year.


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