Isobionics Introduces Natural Valencene Pure(TM)

June 7, 2010

GELEEN, The Netherlands, June 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Isobionics has
finalized the development of a breakthrough fermentation process for
production of its natural Valencene Pure(TM). This product, which is an aroma
substance for the food, beverage, flavor and fragrance industry, is now
available on a commercial scale. Compared with conventional valencene, which
is produced from oranges, it offers the advantage of high purity and constant

Toine Janssen, CEO Isobionics says: “Our natural Valencene Pure(TM) is a
real breakthrough since we’re the first company in the world that has
succeeded in bringing this natural ingredient to the market. To accomplish
this we use a proprietary fermentation process. The new product was developed
from a patent into a commercial product within three years.”

Currently, Isobionics is the only company in the world offering valencene
produced by fermentation.

Market excited about Valencene Pure(TM)

Customers for Valencene Pure(TM) are found in the food, beverage, flavor
and fragrance industry worldwide, where it is used in soft drinks,
detergents, soap and fine perfumery. These companies have responded
enthusiastically to Isobionics’ introduction of this breakthrough product.

Substantial advantages

Valencene is traditionally extracted in low amounts from oranges.
Therefore, quality, quantity and price of conventional valencene may vary,
depending on harvest conditions. For the production of valencene enormous
quantities of oranges are required. Valencene Pure(TM) takes these problems
away. It is a natural product with odor and taste similar to valencene from
oranges. Valencene Pure(TM) comes with a high purity and a constant quality
and availability. In addition, the product is free from insecticides and is
environmentally friendly.


Isobionics focuses its activities on flavor and fragrance ingredients.
These are prepared in a proprietary biotechnological way, for example
fermentation processes, resulting in natural final products. Isobionics is
located at the Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen (the Netherlands).

Internet http://www.isobionics.com

Valencene Pure(TM) is a trade mark of Isobionics B.V.

SOURCE Isobionics B.V.

Source: newswire

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