Beike Biotech Launches New International Stem Cell Venture

June 10, 2010

SHENZHEN, China, June 10 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology
Co. Ltd. (“Beike”) ( http://www.beikebiotech.com ), China’s leading stem cell
research and regenerative medicine company, announced the formation of Beike
Holdings Limited (“Beike Holdings”) a joint venture with Bangkok-based
SiriCell Technologies, Inc. Beike Holdings, which is headquartered in Bangkok,
, will focus primarily on the establishment of new international
subsidiaries and the development of collaborative hospital partnerships with
Southeast Asia’s leading healthcare providers. The joint venture is actively
constructing a regional network of world class cGMP stem cell manufacturing
labs, distribution centers and storage banks to service and support its
hospital training and clinical advisory services.

In China, Beike’s use of cord blood and tissue-derived stem cells is
approved by the Chinese Ministry of Health as a Class 3 medical therapy for
numerous clinical applications. These stem cells have been shown to be safe
and effective in therapies based on direct clinical observation in the
hospital setting. Beike Holdings will fund and oversee a series of
comprehensive, multi-centered, adaptive Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials to
advance the ongoing clinical validations of the safety and efficacy of Beike’s
stem cell therapies to patients throughout South East Asia.

In an effort to expand the availability of Beike’s stem cell products for
therapeutic applications to hospitals throughout the region, Beike Holdings is
establishing subsidiary operations in major Asian urban centers. In the
coming weeks Beike Holdings will announce a series of agreements with leading
hospitals in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Beike Holdings Chief Executive Officer Alex Moffett commented, “The
formation of Beike Holdings is an enormous leap forward in our efforts to
expand and enhance international delivery capabilities for Beike’s stem cell
therapies. While Beike has established itself as the leading provider of stem
cell therapies in China, building an international brand and network of
facilities and hospital partners requires a truly international company.
Beike’s safe and effective therapies have already improved the lives of
thousands patients, many of whom have travelled to China for treatment due to
regulatory impediments in their home countries. Now, through Beike Holdings’
expansion into Southeast Asia, we will be able to replicate that success on a
larger scale.”

Beike Holdings will maintain close ties to Beike’s groundbreaking efforts
in China, building on its deep experience in clinical innovations and the
significant ongoing research at the company’s new state-of-the-art Jiangsu
Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine facility. At the same time the joint venture
will remain independent and focused on its primary mission to develop new
international markets, secure regulatory approvals and facilitate successful
clinical translation of Beike’s stem cell therapies. Beike Holdings and its
expanding network will also provide new opportunities for international
partnerships with medical and biotechnology innovators seeking rapid and
affordable commercial outlets for their technologies.

Beike Chairman Dr. Sean Hu commented, “In China, our company and our
therapies enjoy the highest levels of professional recognition and
support-from provincial governments to respected research universities and
hospitals. We have made great strides in building our reputation in the West,
but it is our hope that, through Beike Holdings, we will improve our
relationship with the Western scientific community as well. While cultural
and geographic differences with the West will always exist, we share the same
science. Beike Holdings will make that science available outside of China,
and we believe that patients from around the world will view these therapies
as more accessible and as a viable choice for many medical conditions for
which no conventional treatment options are currently available.”

About Beike Biotech:

Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (“Beike”) is China’s leading
biotechnology company whose scientists have been focused on the development
and commercialization of adult stem cell therapies since 1999. The company
currently produces a full line of adult stem cell products from umbilical cord,
cord blood, and bone marrow stem cells. Beike’s stem cell therapies are
administered by physicians at many leading hospitals throughout China.

Beike’s unique processing technologies prepare the cells for use in
treating a variety of serious medical conditions including ataxia, brain
injury, cerebral palsy, diabetic foot disease, lower limb ischemia, multiple
sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury and optic nerve pathologies.
Since Beike’s founding, more than 8,000 patients have been treated with
therapies using Beike’s stem cells with no serious adverse effects or safety
concerns, and with a high percentage of those patients reporting positive
outcomes from the treatments.

Beike was founded with investment capital from Beijing University, Hong
Kong University of Science and Technology
, and from the Shenzhen Provincial
Government and is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a flagship regenerative
medicine facility at the China Medical City in Jiangsu Province.

About SiriCell Technologies:

SiriCell Technologies, Inc. is an Asian-based company formed in 2007 as
part of the rapidly advancing regenerative medicine industry. SiriCell is
focused on increasing the availability and acceptance of adult stem cell
technologies. The company’s efforts involve the collection, production, and
storage of adult stem cells, as well as the optimization and scientific
validation of advanced stem cell therapies. The Company is also actively
pursuing patent in-licensing opportunities for industry redefining stem cell
technologies that will augment therapeutic efficacy and produce superior
clinical results.

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