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June 24, 2010

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This market research report analyzes the diabetes care devices market in
Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) over the period 2009-2014. The report
categorizes the overall market for diabetes care devices into the submarkets
for insulin pumps, self-monitoring blood glucose systems, and continuous
glucose monitoring systems.

The diabetes care devices market in BRIC nations was approximately
$257.55 million in 2009 and is expected to grow a CAGR of 17.24% from 2009 to
2014, driven mainly by the increasing incidence of diabetes and the
corresponding rise in governmental support for diabetes care across BRIC
nations. China was the largest diabetes care market in 2009 with
approximately $135.65 million, followed for Russia, India, and Brazil.

Market estimates and forecast

The report provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for diabetes
care devices in Brazil, Russia, India and China. It includes estimates and
forecast for insulin pumps, self monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) and
continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in each of the four geographies of
Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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    1 Introduction
      1.1 Key Take-Aways
      1.2 Report Description
      1.3 markets covered
      1.4 stakeholders
      1.5 Research methodology

    2 Summary

    3 Market Overview
      3.1 introduction
      3.2 high global population of diabetics
      3.3 market metrics
       3.3.1 market definitions
      3.4 strategic conclusions

    4 Diabetes care devices market - brazil
      4.2 market overview
      4.3 market size
      4.4 drivers
       4.4.1 Government initiatives
       4.4.2 eating habits making citizens diabetes prone
       4.4.3 increasing obesity
      4.5 restraints
       4.5.1 illiteracy regarding use of diabetes care devices
       4.5.2 LACK OF awareness OF disease and its complications
       4.5.3 geographical limitations
       4.5.4 registration process of medical devices
      4.6 competitive analysis
      4.7 Insulin pumps
       4.7.1 current market size
       4.7.2 competitive analysis
       4.7.3 market trends
      4.8 self monitoring blood glucose
       4.8.1 current market size
       4.8.2 competitive analysis
       4.8.3 Market trends
      4.9 continuous glucose monitoring
       4.9.1 current market size
       4.9.2 competitive analysis
       4.9.3 Market trends

    5 Diabetes care devices market - Russia
      5.1 introduction
      5.2 market overview
      5.3 market size
      5.4 drivers
       5.4.1 increasing diabetic population
       5.4.2 growing awareness
       5.4.3 government initiatives
      5.5 restraints
       5.5.1 inconsistent reimbursement
       5.5.2 High cost devices
       5.5.3 Registration process for medical devices
      5.6 competitive analysis
      5.7 insulin pumps
       5.7.1 current market size
       5.7.2 competitive analysis
       5.7.3 market trends
      5.8 Self monitoring blood glucose
       5.8.1 current market size
       5.8.2 competitive landscape
       5.8.3 market trends
      5.9 continuous glucose monitoring
       5.9.1 current market size
       5.9.2 competitive landscape
       5.9.3 market trends

    6 Diabetes care devices market - India
      6.1 introduction
      6.2 market overview
      6.3 market size
      6.4 drivers
       6.4.1 high diabetic population
       6.4.2 use of support technologies improving access to patients
       6.4.3 decreasing mean age of diabetics in india
      6.5 restraints
       6.5.1 LACK OF AWARENESS
       6.5.2 high cost of devices
       6.5.3 development OF alternative solutions
       6.5.4 Lack of reimbursement
      6.6 competitive analysis
      6.7 Insulin pumps
       6.7.1 current market size
       6.7.2 competitive analysis
       6.7.3 market trends
      6.8 self monitoring blood glucose
       6.8.1 current market size
       6.8.2 competitive analysis
       6.8.3 market trends
      6.9 continuous glucose monitoring
       6.9.1 current market size
       6.9.2 competitive analysis
       6.9.3 market trends

    7 Diabetes care devices market - China
      7.1 introduction
      7.2 market overview
      7.3 market size
      7.4 drivers
       7.4.1 high diabetic population
       7.4.2 ageing population
       7.4.3 economic growth of china
       7.4.4 government initiative towards healthcare
      7.5 restraints
       7.5.1 traditional chinese medicines
       7.5.2 reimbursement and regulatory issues
       7.5.3 low level of awareness
      7.6 competitive landscape
      7.7 insulin pumps
       7.7.1 current market size
       7.7.2 competitive analysis
       7.7.3 market trends
      7.8 self monitoring blood glucose
       7.8.1 current market size
       7.8.2 competitive analysis
       7.8.3 market trends
      7.9 continuous glucose monitoring
       7.9.1 current market size
       7.9.2 competitive analysis
       7.9.3 market trends

    8 Competitive Landscape

    9 Company Profiles
      9.1 abbott diabetes care
      9.2 arkray
      9.3 bayer diabetes care
      9.4 dexcom inc
      9.5 Nilimedix
      9.6 medtronic
      9.7 Novo Nordisk
      9.8 roche diabetes care
      9.9 other players
       9.9.1 Acon laboratories inc
       9.9.2 All Medicus Co. Ltd.
       9.9.3 insulet corporation
       9.9.4 smiths medical
       9.9.5 Shanghai Huazhe International
       9.9.6 terumo corporation
       9.9.7 ypsomed ag


Summary Table BRic diabetes care devices MARKET FORECAST BY geography
2007 – 2014($MILLION)

Table 1 BRAZIL diabetes care devices: MARKET FORECAST BY SEGMENTS 2007 -
2014 ($MILLION)

Table 2 russia diabetes care devices MARKET FORECAST BY SEGMENTS 2007 -
2014 ($MILLION)

Table 3 india diabetes care devices MARKET FORECAST BY SEGMENTS 2007 -
2014 ($MILLION)

Table 4 china diabetes care devices MARKET FORECAST BY SEGMENTS 2007 -
2014 ($MILLION)

    Table 5 new product launches in diabetEs care devices market (2006-2009)
    Table 6 joint agreements in diabetes care devices market


    Figure 1 bric diabetes CARE devices MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($million)
    Figure 2 bric diabetes CARE devices MARKET by segments
    Figure 3 evolution of diabetes management devices
    Figure 4 Different insulin delivery devices
    Figure 5 clinical usage of cgm
    Figure 6 bric diabetes CARE devices Market share by segments
    Figure 7 product lifecycle for diabetes care devices in bric COUNTRIES
    Figure 8 CGM with fda approval (2009)
    Figure 9 diabetes care management solution launch path
    Figure 10 expected penetration OF diabetes care management solution
    Figure 11 global & bric market growth rate
    Figure 12 bric diabetes CARE Devices: key drivers and restraints
    Figure 13 distribution of medical assistance expenditure
    figure 14 brazil: MARKET share of diabetes care devices
    figure 15 brazil diabetes CARE devices: MARKET forecast 2007-2014
    figure 16 brazil diabetes care devices: key drivers and restraints
    figure 17 increasing obesity: brazil
    figure 18 brazil population shift towards urban area
    Figure 19 BRAZIL diabetes care devices: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 20 brazil insulin PUMPS: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 21 BRAZIL insulin pumps: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 22 brazil SMBG: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    figure 24 brazil CGM: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    figure 26 diabetes care devices segments russia
    figure 27 russia diabetes care devices: MARKET forecast 2007-2014
    figure 28 Russia diabetes care devices: Key drivers and restraints
    figure 29 Russia: increasing diabetic population
    Figure 30 Russia diabetes care devices: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 31 russia insulin pumps: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 32 Russia insulin PUMPS: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 33 russia smbg: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 34 Russia SMBG: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 35 russia CGM: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 36 Russia CGM low adoption
    figure 37 india diabetes care DEVICES: MARKET forecast 2007-2014
    figure 38 India diabetes care devices: key drivers and restraints
    figure 39 world diabetic population: india share
    Figure 40 india diabetes care devices COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 41 india insulin pumps: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 42 india insulin pumps: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 43 india SMBG: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 44 india smbg COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 45 india CGM: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    figure 46 China diabetes care devices MARKET forecast 2007-2014
    Figure 47 China diabetes care devices: key drivers and restraints
    Figure 48 china diabetes care: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 49 China insulin pumps MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 50 china insuiln pumps COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 51 China SMBG: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 52 china Smbg: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)
    figure 53 China cGm: MARKET forecast 2007-2014 ($MILLION)
    Figure 54 china cgm: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (2009)

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