Cloudy With a Chance of Sex? New Trojan® Survey Links Wet Weather with Higher Sexual Frequency and Satisfaction

June 30, 2010

PRINCETON, N.J., June 30 /PRNewswire/ — Americans looking to heat things up in the bedroom may want to keep an eye on their local forecast, according to new research from the makers of Trojan® Brand Condoms. The Trojan® “Degrees of Pleasure” survey links hot weather and precipitation to increased sexual frequency and satisfaction, finding 83 percent of Americans rate rain as the best weather condition for sexual intercourse, while respondents in hotter climates like Miami (102 times per year) and Atlanta (88 times per year) report higher rates of sexual activity. While many Americans may prefer hot weather or rain outdoors, 27 percent say that tingling sensations can improve their sexual interactions.

The survey pegs 68 degrees as the ideal indoor temperature for sex and 70 degrees as the ideal outdoor temperature. Meanwhile, regional findings indicate hotter, wetter climates could also influence the duration of sexual activity. The survey finds Miamians have the most sex, about 102 times a year, while also averaging the longest periods of sexual activity at about 35 minutes per session. Colder cities like Minneapolis (64 times per year) and Seattle (75 times per year) report lower rates of sexual frequency, while Phoenix (25 minutes), Chicago and Denver (26 minutes) report the having the shortest durations of sex.

One in three Americans say that sex is hotter when it’s hot outside. But, is it ever too hot for sex? For some, yes, as 35 percent of Americans have passed on sex until temperatures cooled down. Yet despite these clear temperature and weather preferences, the majority of Americans (66 percent) say they’re always up for sex regardless of the forecast.

    Always up for Sex Regardless of Temperature (By City):

    1. Denver                                              72%
    2. New York                                            71%
    3. Miami                                               70%
    4. Phoenix                                             70%
    5. Atlanta                                             67%
    6. Houston                                             66%
    7. Chicago                                             62%
    8. Minneapolis/St. Paul                                62%
    9. San Francisco                                       62%
    10. Seattle                                            56%

Giving Hurricane Season a Whole New Meaning

Inclement weather isn’t stopping some people from experiencing pleasurable thrills. According to the survey, seven in 10 Americans have had sex during extreme weather, ranging from a thunderstorm to a tornado. And, while only seven percent of the entire country has had sex during a hurricane, Miami locals seem to enjoy it, as 27 percent of the city’s residents have had sex during a hurricane.

A little precipitation can also do a lot for the mood as 80 percent of Americans have had sex during a rainstorm. Even more compelling, Americans might be reaching for more than just an umbrella as protection when it rains, as four in ten Americans have braved the elements and gotten it on outside on a rainy day.

    Had Sex in the Rain Outdoors (By City):

    1. Houston                                                          47%
    2. Denver                                                           43%
    3. Miami                                                            41%
    4. Phoenix                                                          40%
    5. New York                                                         38%
    6. Atlanta                                                          38%
    7. Chicago                                                          37%
    8. Minneapolis/St. Paul                                             36%
    9. San Francisco                                                    32%
    10. Seattle                                                         26%

Americans are also making the most of the great outdoors, as 68 percent have taken advantage of the weather and gotten it on outside. The most frequent places Americans have had sex beyond the bedroom walls include next to a fireplace, in a hot tub and at the beach. The study also found that one in ten Americans have had sex in cold places, such as a ski lodge, on the slope or in an igloo!

    Had Sex Outside (By City):

    1. Seattle                                                          77%
    2. Miami                                                            75%
    3. Phoenix                                                          74%
    4. Denver                                                           74%
    5. Atlanta                                                          72%
    6. Houston                                                          71%
    7. New York                                                         71%
    8. Minneapolis/St. Paul                                             68%
    9. San Francisco                                                    68%
    10. Chicago                                                         67%

Fire & Ice® Condoms

According to the Trojan® Degrees of Pleasure survey, many Americans believe a combination of warming, cooling and tingling sensations can improve their sexual experience. To help pleasure seekers obtain the elemental forces they are looking for, the makers of Trojan® Brand Condoms have introduced their newest innovation, Trojan® Fire & Ice®. Fire & Ice® brings together both warming and tingling sensations for whenever – or wherever – people are getting it on.

“Whether it’s hot weather or sex in the snow, Americans are clearly looking for variety in – and out – of the bedroom,” said Bruce Tetreault, Group Product Manager for Trojan® Condoms. “Our latest innovation, Trojan® Fire & Ice®, has lubrication inside and out which delivers warming and tingling sensations to both partners, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom forecast.”

Trojan® Fire & Ice® is the latest innovation in pleasure and sexual health from the makers of Trojan® Brand Condoms. Fire & Ice® is available at select retailers nationwide.

About The Survey

The Survey was conducted on behalf of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. by StrategyOne, a full-service corporate positioning, market research and strategic communications agency in New York, NY. The survey was conducted online among a sample of 1,000 men and women 18+ using the field services of Greenfield Online. The results are nationally representative of the U.S. and have a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. A total of 150 surveys were also conducted online among adults 18+ in each of the ten largest U.S. cities. For each city, the results are representative of age, education and ethnicity with a margin of error of +/- 8 percent.

About Trojan®

TROJAN® Brand Condoms are America’s #1 condom and have been trusted for over 90 years. TROJAN® Brand Latex Condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Every condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability. There are over 29 varieties of TROJAN® Brand Condoms. More Americans trust the TROJAN® brand than any other condom. For more information, visit www.trojancondoms.com.

About StrategyOne

Founded in 1999, StrategyOne is a full-service corporate positioning, market research and strategic communications agency with global research capabilities and offices in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, London and Paris. StrategyOne utilizes a full suite of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to design custom primary research for clients in a wide range of industries to support their communications and marketing objectives.

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