Operational Agility Forum Launched – New Thought Leadership Forum to Focus on the Challenge of Achieving Agility in Business Operations

July 20, 2010

LONDON, July 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

– Senior IT and Business Professionals Create New Forum to Focus on the
Challenge of Achieving Operational Agility

A new interest group called the Operational Agility Forum has been
established by senior information technology and business professionals who
represent some of the largest users of IT in the UK. Members of the forum
work in senior change management roles in both business and IT functions
within organisations such as BT, Co-operative Financial Services, Barclays,
BSkyB and the NHS

The forum provides a confidential environment in which senior business
and IT professionals can examine how complex organisations can respond more
efficiently and effectively in real time to a rapidly changing business
environment. The forum is focused on exploring new ways of empowering
business operations to implement their own rapid change initiatives in
partnership with the IT function. It specifically seeks to identify and share
approaches and tools to achieving and delivering operational agility.

For members of the Operational Agility Forum it represents a conduit to
the vast wealth of experience and expertise contributed and shared by senior
staff of the member organisations.

“The meetings we have already held, combined with the high level of
participation and focus, we can see that this unique forum is already
generating a lot of interest. The forum output to-date has reinforced the
collective view of the participants that we have established a platform from
which we can deliver real and tangible benefits back into our respective
organisations,” said Dave Hudson, Director, Service Operations BTW at BT
Operate & Chairman of the Operational Agility Forum

    Some of the key findings from the forum include:

    - Most businesses do not have the means to react quickly to change, other
      than hiring more people or diverting key resource
    - IT programs deliver excellent long term benefits but are not always
      able to fully support rapid and agile responses to immediate business
    - A new approach - "Business Led Computing" - is needed to empower
      business operations with the ability to implement their own rapid
      change initiatives working in partnership with the IT function

The forum meets on a regular basis and membership is by invitation only.
There are also regular meetings of special interest groups which meet to
discuss specific topics. For more information on the Operational Agility
Forum please visit the website http://www.operaltionalagility.com or email

SOURCE Operational Agility Forum (www.operationalagility.com)

Source: newswire

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