Former Heroin Addict Helps Others Find Drug Rehabilitation and a Way Out of Their Misery

July 21, 2010

DALLAS, July 21 /PRNewswire/ — The Way Out Recovery today announced the general availability of their free placement and referral services through the launch of their website, www.TheWayOutRecovery.com. This serves as a significant resource to anyone looking to find drug and alcohol treatment for themselves or a loved one. The company is dedicated to helping people find substance abuse and treatment facilities that will address their needs and help them reclaim their lives.

According to the founder, Michael Smith, “Our goal is to provide immediate help for those who visit the site. Whether they are looking for treatment programs and rehabilitation centers or information on various addictions and their symptoms, we are committed to assisting them in finding their way out of the nightmare that is addiction.”

Michael Smith grew up in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood of Portland, Maine and at a young age he figured out the best way to survive was through selling and using drugs. While he started with marijuana and alcohol, he quickly progressed to xanax, pain pills, and eventually began using IV heroin. Michael’s drug addiction took him down quickly and he spent many years going in and out of jails, detoxes, inpatient treatments, and homeless shelters. After suffering from a grueling 10-year drug and alcohol addiction, Michael found freedom through the 12-steps.

Since he found recovery, Michael Smith has been active in the addiction recovery field, both as a counselor and as a marketer. Michael states, “I want everybody to have the chance to get the help they want and deserve and to experience the same freedom that I get to have today.”

The placement services are accessible by visiting the website at www.TheWayOutRecovery.com and filling out a simple form describing the current need for treatment. After the form has been submitted, someone from The Way Out will follow-up with specific resources and answer any further questions.

To contact The Way Out Recovery, visit www.TheWayOutRecovery.com or call 1-877-WAYOUT-7.

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