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STALLERGENES: Excellent 1st Half-Year 2010 Performance

August 27, 2010
    - First Half-Year 2010 RESULTS

    - Excellent 1st Half-Year 2010 Performance by Stallergenes

    - Growth in France and Internationally +13%

    - Very Strong net Profit Growth +51%

    - Free Cash Flow Growth +90%

The Board of Directors’ approved the 2010 half-year financial statements
at its meeting of 25 August 2010, chaired by Albert SAPORTA:

                     2010 half-year financial statements

                 In EURm                 H1 2009    09/08    H1 2010    10/09
                                              %CA   Var.%         %CA   Var.%

                  Sales                 97.6  100.0   12  110.6  100.0   13
                  Cost of goods sold   (22.5) (23.1)  13  (24.1) (21.8)   7
                  SG&A                 (37.8) (38.8)   8  (43.9) (39.7)  16
                  Profit before R&D     37.3   38.2   16   42.7   38.6   14
                  R&D costs            (21.3) (21.8)  30  (16.6) (15.0) (22)
                  R&D revenues           3.6    3.7   35    3.5    3.2   (2)
                  EBIT                  19.6   20.1    7   29.5   26.7   51
                  Net result, group     13.4   13.7   11   20.2   18.2   51
    Pour          EBITDA                24.1   24.7   12   35.6   32.2   48
    Com.          Capital expenditure    9.4    9.6   93    6.9    6.3  (26)
                  Free cash flow        14.5   14.9   45   27.6   24.9   90
                  Net cash               1.3          ns   25.0          ns
    Fi            Working capital        9.9         (16)   4.4         (55)
                  EPS, diluted          1.01EUR       11   1.50EUR       49

Sales growth and financial position

Sales grew by 13% in the first half-year. This significant increase
reflected the continuing advancement of sublingual treatments, in particular
buoyant Oralair(R) sales in Germany.

Under the combined effect of this growth and the temporary reduction in
R&D expenditure, a significant increase in earnings was achieved in the 1st
half-year 2010. Overall, the profit before R&D rose moderately in relative
value and represented 38.6% of sales, compared to 38.2% in the 1st half-year
2009. R&D expenditure fell very significantly by 22% in the first half-year
and went from 21.8% of sales in 2009 to 15.0% this year. This decline was due
to a timing difference between the end of the clinical studies in progress
(and particularly the Oralair(R) study in the US) and the start of new
studies. Operating profit rose by 51% to EUR 29.5 million. The net diluted
earnings per share grew by 49% to EUR 1.50.

EBITDA grew by 48% to EUR 35.6 million. Investments temporarily fell by
26% over the half-year to EUR 6.9 million. As a result, and also due to
stable working capital requirements, free cash flow recorded a significant
90% increase to EUR 27.6 million.

At 30 June, net cash resources grew from EUR 1.3 million in 2009 to EUR
25.0 million
in 2010.

The half-year financial report can be downloaded from the website:

At its meeting of 25 August 2010, the Board of Directors authorised the
implementation of the share buyback programme approved by the Annual General
Meeting of 28 May 2010, which will not exceed EUR 10 million and will more
particularly be used to cover stock options and performance-based share

Significant recent transactions and events

The positive clinical results achieved over the first half-year, in
particular for Oralair(R) and Actair(R) lead us to consider our international
expansion with confidence. These results are particularly encouraging in our
drive to enter into strategic partnerships.

Oralair(R), which is already marketed in Germany, will be launched in the
autumn in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. The
market access process is ongoing in Southern European countries. In France
more specifically, talks have been initiated with the “Commission de
Transparence”, which should issue a public opinion by the end of the year.

R&D expenditure will recover in the second half-year but the 2010 total
will not exceed the 2009 level in absolute value. Against this background,
and considering projected sales growth in excess of 10%, the Group expects a
significant increase in its full-year operating margin.

The recovery in investment in the second half should only have a marginal
effect on the generation of free cash flow, which will be significantly
greater in the full year 2010 than in 2009.

The presentation of the 2010 half-year results and outlook for the Group
will take place on 27 August 2010 at 11.30 am (CET) at Hotel Le Bristol, 112,
rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, 75008 Paris, France. This meeting will be
webcast and will be available both in French and English on our website:
http://finance.stallergenes.com from 3 pm.


Stallergenes is a European biopharmaceutical laboratory specialising in
treatments by immunotherapy for the prevention and treatment of
allergy-related respiratory conditions, such as rhino conjunctivitis,
rhinitis and allergic asthma. A pioneer and a leader in immunotherapy
treatments by sublingual administration, Stallergenes dedicated more than 20%
(gross) of its sales in 2009 to its Research and Development activities,
which are primarily directed at developing a new therapeutic range enabling
the provision of immunotherapy treatments by sublingual tablets. Stallergenes
achieved 2009 sales of EUR 193 million, with over 500,000 patients treated
with Stallergenes products.

For further information, please visit our website:

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