Customization Comes of Age

September 21, 2010

CHICAGO, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Element Bars offers a fresh choice for customers amongst the many energy bar brands in the marketplace. As a company that pioneered custom energy bars, Element Bars empowers customers with the ability to create their own energy bar by choosing from all natural and organic ingredients. The result – customers can meet their unique taste and nutrition preferences with their own freshly baked bar.

Fundamental to the company’s philosophy is the recognition that people are inherently different. They have unique preferences and customization allows everyone to find exactly what they want.

The customization trend is not new. Over a decade ago, Maxine Clark founded the Build a Bear Workshop to bring the Teddy Bear to life. Her idea sparked from a shopping trip with her 10 year old daughter. They couldn’t find the stuffed toy her daughter wanted, so Maxine returned home with an idea for her daughter and other kids like her to make their own stuffed animals. At that time, her idea was one of only a few in the newly evolving customization space. Now, Build a Bear has become synonymous with customization.

In the last few years, the trend towards customization has only accelerated. Jonathan Miller of Element Bars realized and acted upon this insight two years ago when he developed a unique and interactive drag and drop interface bringing the custom energy bar to life. The idea sparked from a conversation with a friend. Jonathan was snacking on an energy bar that he had made in his kitchen when a friend shared that he too would like to make a bar but one with almonds and raisins. Since Jonathan is not a fan of raisins, he concluded that people have different tastes and want products made to their preferences. Starting from his home kitchen, Element Bars has grown to include a bakery, an office, and over 5,000 customers who order their own custom energy bar.

Today, “we give customers the online tools to create their own bars so they can truly enjoy a unique customized experience.” But tomorrow, Jonathan envisions the company “designing ways to guide customers as they build bars, so we can predict their creations and produce to scale. We have a long way to go to deliver on that vision, but I’m confident we’ll get there.”

Jonathan is just as confident about tomorrow as he is about Element Bars’ journey to date. To share his excitement, Element Bars celebrates its two year anniversary with a special show of gratitude – the first 500 guests get 50% off of a box of 12 custom energy bars by visiting elementbars.com. “It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. But I am thankful for the last two years and am committed to making your bar, your way.”

About Element Bars:

At www.ElementBars.com, customers can create their own custom energy bar by selecting from all natural and organic ingredients and then naming their own bar. Our whole food ingredients are carefully handpicked and kept as nature intended. Then we hand make our bars using the ingredients you’ve chosen, bake them in our ovens and deliver them freshly baked from our ovens to your door.

CONTACT: Prasanthi Gandhi, 888-411-3536, prasanthi.gandhi@elementbars.com

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