Azantis Inc. and Ceutical Switzerland AG Launch Water Soluble Krill Oil

September 22, 2010

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Krill oil manufacturer Azantis Inc. and solubilization specialist Ceutical Switzerland AG announce the launch of water soluble krill oil. The omega-3 rich liquid krill oil, including the krill phospholipids, is now made available in a water solution for mixing and blending with other water based supplements, foods and drinks. Possible blend products are acai, noni, and other health juices and vitamin waters. The water soluble liquid krill oil is also available to supplement resellers and formulators for single shot vitamin blends.

The specifications of the product are tailored to the needs of supplement formulators and resellers, and to functional food and drink manufacturers. “This is pure Antarctic krill oil fully dispersed in water with no taste and no smell. It’s a great addition to the innovative products that Azantis has created around the omega-3 phospholipid platform,” said Mickey Schuett, Director of Sales for the Boulder Colorado based biotechnology company Azantis Inc.

Ceutical CEO Wolfgang Schonfeld, MD added: “We welcome the innovative partnership between Azantis’ phospholipid platform, and Ceutical’s expertise in solubilizing omega-3 oils. This water soluble krill oil is an industry first, and our commercial joint venture opens large new applications for the krill oil supplement.”

The aqua krill(TM) is based on 100% purely krill oil from Antarctic krill Euphausia superba. Azantis and Ceutical will market the water solubilized liquid krill oil exclusively to resellers and formulators as bulk or in finished forms.

About Azantis:

Azantis is a biotechnology company located in Boulder, Colorado. The company is specialized in novel food and supplement discovery, extraction, and marketing, especially from marine sources. Its signature product is krill oil; a high quality marine phospholipid with bonded omega-3, astaxanthin and choline.

About Ceutical Switzerland AG:

Ceutical, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a specialist in improving bioavailability of premium quality nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. Ceutical is a member of the Green River Pharma Goup creating innovative products based on its patented solubilization technology such as water soluble forms of Q10, Vitamin E, D and natural extracts.

    Contact Information:
    Mickey Schuett
    Director of Sales Azantis Inc.

    Visit Azantis.com                         Visit www.Ceutical.ch


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