Plastic Surgeon and Breast Augmentation Specialist at Gateway Aesthetic in Salt Lake City, Addresses Myths of Breast Augmentation Surgery

September 29, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — With so many rampant misconceptions about breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery, Salt Lake City plastic surgeon, Dr. Heidi Regenass, addresses some of the most common questions and concerns.

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Dr. Regenass notes, “Many women have questions about breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery, but are too timid to ask. Others may believe stories they hear on the Internet. As such, I’d like to address a few of the most common breast augmentation or enhancement questions that I receive every day.”

1. Can breast augmentation look natural?

Yes. In fact, many patients do not want an obvious augmentation where “everybody notices”. Breast augmentation, whether saline or silicone, can and should look and feel very natural. The cosmetic result is determined by the patient’s tissue and the skill of the surgeon. That is why choosing an experienced, board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation is very important.

2. Are breast augmentations and tummy tucks painful?

Not at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. We realize that patient comfort is a priority, and so, where appropriate, we use pain pumps for breast enhancement and tummy tuck procedures. A pain pump will significantly decrease discomfort after surgery and will allow for a more rapid and comfortable healing. Our patients often report being amazed at the ease of the procedure compared to what they were expecting.

3. Are silicone implants dangerous?

Although women in the early 1990s were claiming that silicone made them “sick”, there has never been any evidence to support these claims. As a precaution, silicone implants were taken off the market for a period of time for women undergoing their first cosmetic augmentation. Their use was limited to women having implants for reconstructive purposes, until more research could be conducted. Fortunately, the ban was lifted a few years ago, so currently women, aged 22 years and older, can again have silicone implants. Many patients prefer the more “natural” look and feel of silicone gel implants and women who already have saline implants are opting to have their saline implants exchanged for silicone. So the truth is that silicone implants are safe and they look and feel great!

4. Is everyone a good candidate for plastic surgery?

No, some patients have underlying medical conditions that make elective cosmetic surgery dangerous. This is exactly the reason we encourage patients to make an appointment to see if their goals are realistic and possible.

5. Should breast implants only be considered after completing childbearing?

Many women want to enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation during their childbearing years and beyond. There is no reason to wait until after you have had your children to get implants. Some women are concerned about being able to breast feed after they have breast augmentation. As a rule of thumb, if a woman has successfully breast-fed before implants, thereby indicating that she can breastfeed, she has a good chance of still being able to do so after an augmentation. That said, if a woman has sagging breasts, and also needs a mastopexy (breast lift), in addition to implants, then it is generally best to wait until after childbearing and breastfeeding has concluded.

6. Are implants the only option for breast augmentation?

No. Until recently though, it was true that in order to enhance a woman’s bust size, an implant was required. However, with new and safe technologies, some women are actually candidates for “natural” breast enhancement. This procedure involves taking fat from unwanted areas of the body and transferring it to the breasts for augmentation. It’s a safe, comfortable, effective procedure that does not even require general anesthesia!

7. Is it true that only a cosmetic surgeon is qualified to perform plastic surgery?

Unfortunately, any doctor can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon” and not be board certified in plastic surgery. That said, the only doctors who should be performing plastic surgery are those with the specific training.

They should be board certified in 1) Plastic Surgery, 2) Dermatology, 3) ENT/facial plastic surgery, or 4) Oculoplastic Surgery.

Before trusting your looks and health to just anyone, make sure your chosen doctor is board certified and experienced. Rest assured, all the doctors at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah are board certified and specialize in their particular areas of expertise.

8. Do you accommodate out of town patients?

The Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center, in Utah, is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the US. We treat patients from all over the country.

Our facility is located at the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, an upscale center that was built to host the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. We are just a few minutes away from the airport and close to several downtown hotels.

Anyone with further questions may call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Other services and treatments available at the Gateway Laser Center & Laser Center include Botox & Dysport, Restylane & Juvederm, Sculptra, SmartLipo, Tumescent liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, laser eyelid surgery, wrinkle & scar treatment, light & laser facials, spider vein treatment, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, dermatology and more.

The Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center is located at 440 West 200 So., Suite 250, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. The phone number is 801-595-1600. For additional information visit www.GatewayLaserCenter.com.

Heidi Regenass, M.D., is a board certified plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center.

Born in Zimbabwe, Dr. Regenass specializes in variety of plastic surgery procedures for both men and women to help them achieve their desired cosmetic result. Specifically, she specializes in plastic surgery procedures that rejuvenate the face and body, enhancing one’s natural beauty including both breast enhancement and tummy tucks.

Dr. Regenass received her medical degree from the University of Utah where she excelled academically and was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. She went on to perform her general surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic, followed by a plastic surgery residency at the University of Utah.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Regenass has been dedicated to the holistic practice of medicine to help her patients achieve their health and beauty goals. Dr. Regenass and the dedicated team of healthcare professionals at Gateway Aesthetic look forward to helping you look and feel your very best.

In addition to being board certified, Dr. Regenass is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

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