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October 7, 2010

DALLAS, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ —

                Montana Lance born March 2, 2000 to Deborah and Jason Lance
                attended school at The Colony, Lewisville ISD. On January
                21, 2010 Montana took his own life by hanging himself in
                the school nurse restroom. When the nurse tried to open the
                door she did not have a key.  While school personnel ran
    WHO:        around looking for a key, Montana died.

                Jon Carmichael, a 13 yr old, who was bullied and harassed at
                Joshua ISD committed suicide.

                Asher Brown, another 13 yr old bullied and harassed at Cy-
                Fair ISD committed suicide.

                The Montana Lance family will be hosting an "Anti-bullying
                Program" in honor of their son. Confirmed participants
                include - The University of North Texas Play Therapy, Teen
                Contact, The Bully Suicide Project, Families Against
                Bullying, WebSafety, the families of Jon Carmichael and
                Asher Brown and of course, The Montana Lance Foundation.
                Also in attendance will be Levi Lunsford, now 18, and
                Michael Jaeger, now 16, survivors of bullying who both have
    WHAT:       lawsuits in federal court.

    WHERE:     Hawaiian Falls Waterpark Parking Lot
               4400 Paige Rd The Colony, Texas

    WHEN:      October 8(th) at 6:00pm CST

                Montana was routinely and mercilessly bullied and harassed
                by classmates. Montana and his parents told teachers,
                counselors, and administrators about the bullying on
                numerous occasions. Just a week before he committed
                suicide, his mother spoke with school officials about her
                concerns.  The school did nothing.  A few days before he
                committed suicide, Montana told a school counselor that he
    WHY:        wanted to die.  The Counselor did nothing.

                Montana's cry for help and his parents' constant pleas fell
                on deaf ears.  We ask you to be part of a movement to
                assure that no other child, or their family suffers this
                horrific fate. It is the hope of the family and all
                participants that we use this moment to help teach others,
                and provide the parents of children who are being bullied
                with resources they may need to help combat this issue.  We
                hope to bring greater awareness to the horrible effects of
                unchecked bullying, now called "Bullycide." We need to stop
                this epidemic.

         Martin Cirkiel, the Attorney for these families, Education Advocates
            and other Counsel will be present at the Memorial to discuss all
                                     these issues.

SOURCE stopschoolbullyingnow.com

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