How a Meal Delivery Diet Unleashed a Fat Man…

October 20, 2010

NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Frank Cruz has been at the forefront of a campaign to stop the spread of obesity in America. In an effort to give people a chance to share their stories and struggles with weight, Frank began blogging on the website “Fat Man Unleashed,” an online community of voices who have all battled with what Frank calls, “The Yo-yo Life.”

As a devoted husband, and dedicated father, Frank was steadily climbing up and down the scale, trying to maintain a healthy weight in order to promise himself a better life.

Frank succeeded at losing weight many times, but shortly after, he become so comfortable in his new skin, that he was able to slip back into his old habits easily.

“When I lost weight, I was the topic of everyone’s conversation. I felt like superman, until I realized my kryptonite for food was the one thing hindering my weight loss the most.”

When it comes to yo-yo dieting, Frank Cruz isn’t the only one who has been affected by it.

“When people engage in yo-yo dieting, it’s often because they don’t have a consistent plan when it comes to eating healthy,” says Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, founding physician behind BistroMD. “What’s critical when dieting is that people receive a structured meal plan, with the proper balance of essential food groups that doesn’t sacrifice taste, which makes it easier for them to stick to.”

For Frank, finding BistroMD has helped put yo-yo dieting behind him. So far, he has lost 26 pounds since he’s been on the plan, and the weight keeps coming off.

Due to his strong passion to promote obesity awareness, and his inspiring determination to lose weight, BistroMD has given Frank free dietitian support, healthy facts from weekly newsletters, and personalized letters from their team of healthy weight loss experts, to help him continue his dreams of living healthy. As a BistroMD client, Frank will have these helpful resources for as long as he is on the program.

“Since I have the help of the #1 physician-designed weight loss program in the nation, I have no doubt that I will reach my final goal of 210 pounds, and will maintain a solid, lean body for the rest of my existence. BistroMD has definitely helped unleash this fat man from his burden of yo-yo dieting.”

To follow in Frank’s footsteps, and to start achieving your own weight loss dreams, visit: http://www.bistromd.com, or call 1-866-401-DIET.

To follow Frank on his website, and to join in on his conversation, visit: http://www.fatmanunleashed.com.

BistroMD is a leader in gourmet diet delivery offering home delivery of physician-designed, chef-prepared meals as well as free dietitian support to help customers reach their goals. For more information, go to http://www.bistromd.com, or call 1-866-401-DIET


Frank Before and After: The left side of this image is Frank C before he started losing weight with BistroMD. The right side of the photo is Frank, 26 pounds lighter, thanks to the meals provided by BistroMD.


BistroMD’s Arroz Con Pollo: Frank C lost weight thanks to BistroMD, with delicious meals like their Arroz con Pollo. A healthy serving of white meat chicken is slowly simmered in fresh garden vegetables and garnished with Latin-style tomatoes. Seasoned with torn cilantro and served on a bed of colorful yellow rice.


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