700 Companies With 1.400 Participants Attend BioSpain 2010

October 22, 2010

MADRID, October 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The Spanish Bioindustry
Association (ASEBIO) and the Navarre Society of Development (Sodena), under
the Government of Navarre, celebrated BioSpain 2010 in Pamplona, from
September 29th to October 1st where attendance was over 1.400 participants.

This event hosted about 2.200 business meetings, through the partnering
system, among 700 companies, of which 21.5% came from other countries. This
percentage corresponds to 150 foreign companies and institutions that have
decided to come to Spain seeking new business opportunities in the
biotechnology industry. This represents a 55% increase in the number of
attendees as compared to BioSpain 2008. This data turns BioSpain into the
most important event organized by a Southern European country in this sector.
Official sponsors included important companies such as Merck, Zeltia, AB
BIOTICS, Genetrix, Genoma Espana, Caja Navarra and the Spanish Institute of
Foreign Trade (ICEX).

This year, BioSpain 2010 had 132 stands at the fair, a 15% increase as
compared to the previous edition. These were taken by 160 companies, of which
24% came from other countries (38), highlighting its international character
as the most important feature of the event. The main countries, represented
by their number of participants, were: France, UK, United States, Germany,
Canada, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Mexico.

On September 30th, BioSpain 2010 was honoured with the presence of the
Science and Innovation Minister, Cristina Garmendia. The Minister visited the
entire trade fair and also “Tu Casa Biotech”, a travelling exposition of
ASEBIO that was held under a tent in the Plaza del Baluarte, in Pamplona,
from September 24th to October 3rd.

In the Investment Forum, five projects were chosen out of 30, from
Allerayde UK, Araclon Biotech, Laboratorios Alpha SIP, TCD Pharma and Vivia
Biotech, who attended the European Venture Summit in December to compete with
145 European projects selected in other similar events organized by Europe

As in earlier editions, the scientific program of BioSpain 2010 was led
by the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (SEBIOT) under BIOTEC 2010. This
society chose Carmen Vela as the new President of SEBIOT, taking the place of

Jose Luis Garcia.

The sixth edition of BioSpain will be held in 2012, as it is a biennial
event. The venue will be announced in upcoming months.

    Lucia Cecilia Mercado
    Communications Manager at ASEBIO
    Tel.: +34-91-210-93-74
    Mobile: +34-663 117 293


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