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November 9, 2010

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — With over 6,000 pressure points, a nail mat has won over thousands of converts in the United States after its introduction in the USA six months ago.

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A modern take on the ancient therapies of acupuncture and acupressure, The Acushakti Mat (www.acushakti.com) is a pillow-sized mat, made from 100 percent organic cotton, and studded with small flower-like plastic spikes. Within minutes of the mat touching the skin, blood flows to the area producing a glowing feeling of warmth and well-being as the body’s natural feel-good hormones, endorphins and oxytocin, are released.

A study by researchers at the University of Karlstad in Sweden, released this month, provided real evidence that nail mats such as Acushakti can ease pain. The study is thought to be the first scientific report anywhere in the world where the medical effects of nail mats have been examined. “The result is impressive,” Anette Kjellgren, associate professor of psychology at the University, told Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper. “Many of my patients have been using spike mats for years and have been saying that it makes them more calm and also said that it helps them respond better to other treatments. We thought we should do a systematic study of this.”- Working with a leading pain doctor- Lena Werngren, selected a group of 35 people; none of whom had used a nail mat before. “Since it’s difficult to statistically confirm differences in such a small group, the results are impressive. Our hypothesis is that the pain is reduced when you apply a competing stimulus to the area of pain. The additional pain (from the mat) filters out the competing pain,” Kjellgren told the newspaper. A spokesman for Acushakti, said: “This report confirms much of what we have been saying. Our users do report significant personal benefits and it’s useful to have independent research to support this.”

If you have regular stress; experience poor sleep; have low energy; have muscle tension; feel stiffness; have neck or back pain; sit in front of a computer for hours; stand or long periods; drive for long periods; work long hours; and have problems sleeping, then The Acushakti Mat is a necessity for you.

Check it out for yourself www.acushakti.com.

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