Bawell Water Ionizers Offers 60-Day Risk-Free Trial

November 16, 2010

Consumers can experience the health benefits — and great taste — of ionized water from their drinking tap. Water ionizers have many potential benefits to a person’s health and can help them save money on bottled water.

Boca Raton, Fla. (Vocus) November 15, 2010 ““

Bawell, a leading provider of water ionizers for home use, today announced that customers who wish to experience the many benefits of having alkaline ionized water in their home can receive a unit for a free, risk-free 60-day trial. Customers who don’t find a benefit to having ionized water in their home can return the unit after 60 days at no charge.

Customers who use a pH-balanced alkaline water ionizer find great benefits over drinking regular tap water. Research has suggested that the scientific principles applied to drinking ionized water aid the body in mitigating and preventing many common diseases such as obesity, Type 1 diabetes and cancer.

Several research papers have supported the health benefits of drinking ionized water. Researchers at Soonchunhyang University in Korea found in 2006 that ionized drinking water contains millions of antioxidant hydroxyl ions in every glass which “protect against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein” by neutralizing free radicals within a body’s cells. This prevents free radical damage, which is one of the main hypothesis catalysts of aging and degenerative disease such as cancer. Another study found that ionized drinking water can improve blood glucose tolerance to ward off diabetes.

Processed foods contain toxins, chemicals, and preservatives, which are stored in the body as fat which is 90 percent water by weight. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is absorbed faster by the body’s cells due to its micro clustered molecular structure, allowing for fast rehydration as its millions of anti-oxidant hydroxyl ions rejuvenate the cellular structure.

“People who make the switch to Bawell water ionizers have found incredible health benefits, along with saving money on buying bottled water,” said Robert Strader Jr, PR Director at Bawell. “Plus, water from our ionizers simply tastes better than regular tap water. Our confidence in the many benefits of using a water ionizer is why we can make a risk-free guarantee.”

For more information on the different benefits of water ionizers and to find out more about the 60-day risk-free guarantee, please visit http://www.bawellwaterionizers.com.

About Bawell

Based in Boca Raton, Fla., Bawell designs alkaline water ionizers with one thing in mind — your health. Water which comes from our in-home water ionizers has incredible short-term and long-term health benefits along with great taste. We provide water filters for the home that are not only good for your body but good for your wallet and the environment. For more information, please visit http://www.bawellwaterionizers.com.

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