Andover Wellness Group Takes the Sting Out of Workplace Flu

November 17, 2010

TROY, Mich., Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — When Ira Margolis got the entrepreneurial bug, he created a business to help area companies keep away bugs, especially the flu one.

Margolis is the founder and president of Andover Wellness Group, LLC, a new Troy-based company that specializes in enhancing wellness in the workplace, which ultimately boosts employee morale, reduces employee absenteeism, prevents the spread of H1N1 and helps businesses protect their bottom line in this challenging economy.

Andover Wellness Group provides preventative healthcare clinics on site at workplaces throughout Southeast Michigan and is currently taking reservations for flu vaccination clinics for the influenza season. They will provide complimentary blood pressure and glucose screenings for any company that schedules a flu clinic before December 15, 2010. Depending on the number of employees, the average cost per flu shot is $25 per shot and can be paid entirely or partially by the company or offered to employees to pay on their own.

Nurses come to the company on an arranged day and administer the preservative-free vaccine under the authority of Andover Wellness Group’s medical director, Dr. Rodney J. Shaw, D.O.

This year’s flu shot protects against three strains of influenza–including the H1N1 that received so much attention last year. Although the Center for Disease Control is not predicting a pandemic outbreak like last year, Oakland County has already seen its first case of H1N1 (Swine Flu), with more expected. The peak flu season lasts through May.

“Hosting a convenient Andover Wellness Flu Clinic is a great way to promote wellness in the workplace and to show employees that the company cares for them and their families, since families often share illnesses,” Margolis said. “That provides a big boost for morale. Furthermore, preventative care such as flu shots can cut down on employee absenteeism and help reduce company healthcare costs by lowered premiums and fewer insurance claims as a result.”

Influenza is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace. Every year the illness costs employers thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity per employee. Industry experts estimate that in the United States up to 20 percent of the population gets the flu. “Michigan employers can’t afford that especially in this competitive day and age,” Margolis pointed out. “That’s exactly why I started this business, to reach out and help my community stay healthy in more ways than one.”

To schedule a flu clinic or for more information, visit www.andoverwellnessgroup.com or call (877) 9311-FLU(358).

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