Got Enzymes? The Importance of Enzymes and Cascade Fermentation in Promoting Good Health

November 19, 2010

Are enzymes the most important factor in good health? According to five German health practitioners, the answer is a resounding “ËœYES”. So much so, that they have written a book on their findings.

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Are enzymes the most important factor in good health?

According to five German health practitioners, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. So much so, that they have written a new book on their findings.

They say that patients often leave the doctor’s office with no more than a superficial diagnosis and uncertain prospects of a cure. Some months later, the initial complaints will often have developed into a full-blown illness without real help in sight. The prospect for the patient is: “You’ll just have to live with it!”

Hence the title of their new book “Diagnosis: You’ll Just have to Live with it” – No Thank You! (The Health Benefits of Cascade-Fermented Food s)

The authors assert that many leading doctors agree that low enzyme levels (LEL) are the primary cause of nearly all disease and the premature aging process.This idea does make sense if you consider that our body performs perhaps 200 million chemical processes daily, each one controlled and regulated by an enzyme produced by the body specifically for that process!

The first symptoms of LEL are fatigue, loss of concentration, susceptibility to infection, skin problems, general sluggishness and digestive troubles. Cell and tissue damage may already occur at this stage, which inevitably leads to serious disease in later life.

Food provides us with nutrients, essential enzymes and other bio-active substances, so it follows that the quality of food is vitally important. According to the authors, much of our food lacks the quality to provide sufficient or bio-available enzymes – early harvests, long storage periods and additional processing in food factories – radiation, heating and sterilization – all contribute to deficiencies in foods. The authors add that “Fast food meals have a nutritional value dangerously close to zero and serve virtually no other purpose than to make people fat.” And even those eating healthy, organic diets may not be assimilating the nutrients properly.

So what alternatives are there for gaining the nutrients and enzymes that the body needs? They do not think that simply taking enzymes is the answer. “ËœEnzymes are huge protein chains. If they are in a non-bioavailable form, the body can only absorb a small percentage of them,” they say.

In addition, traditional enzyme preparations are limited in their effectiveness. Existing enzyme preparations contain only a handful of enzymes and in no way satisfy all of the body’s enzyme needs. (Humans need up to 10,000 enzymes daily, and possibly even more.)

Cascade Fermentation – nature’s answer

The Cascade fermentation process fulfills some fundamental requirements that have finally made it possible to specifically counteract LEL.

1. The original ingredients are wholesome and whole, free of pesticides and preservatives (only whole, organic ingredients are used, not isolates)

2. There is diversity of enzymes (the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients come from specially selected fruits, nuts and vegetables)

3. The concentrate is highly bioavailable and bioaccessible (The cascade-fermentation process biologically breaks down the nutrients into their health promoting, highly bioavailable forms. This process results in the individual enzyme structures having a smaller molecular size, thus allowing them to be absorbed directly into the blood stream through the oral mucous membrane or even through the skin. So anyone can benefit, even those with digestive issues.)

The end product of cascade fermentation is a wholly natural substance – nature in concentrated form – without sugar, alcohol or preservatives. The enzymes of the ingredients – fruits, nuts and vegetables – are multiplied, broken down, and released into enzyme moieties and activated.

This makes them directly bioavailable to our bodies. Much like a self-service supermarket, everything is there. For this reason, many cascade-fermented concentrates take effect within seconds.

Cascade fermentation creates foods and supplements – such as the drink Regulat – that can help compensate for the various deficiencies that plague modern society. They provide our bodies the enzyme power to better withstand today’s environmental stresses.


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