Mirada Medical’s Tumor Board Imaging Software to be Showcased at RSNA Annual Meeting

November 24, 2010

OXFORD, England and PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Mirada Medical Limited, the fast growing international company focused on advanced oncology imaging, announced today that it will be launching Casemeeting, a new product designed to improve image presentation at tumor board meetings, at the 2010 RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) trade show in Chicago, Illinois from November 28 – December 3, 2010.

The Tumor Board meeting has become a key instrument for sites seeking to personalise best practise to individual patients. Mirada Casemeeting will significantly reduce the burden of Tumor Board preparation for radiologists without compromising on the quality of the information presented. Using Casemeeting, radiologists will be able to send key images, findings and full volumetric data directly from the reading workstation to Tumor Board. The system will then automatically generate a presentation for each patient.

During Tumor Board, Casemeeting users will be able to simply select the patient and present all of the key information without the need for additional preparation time, data transfer or setup. Importantly, at any time during the meeting, the presenter is only a single click away from a synchronised, fully featured 3D view of all the case images, including tools for multi-planar reconstructed views, fusion for PET/CT and MR-PET, multi-timepoint for response assessment and quantification tools. In addition, text, image or attachment slides can also be added by other meeting attendees including medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, surgeon and the meeting Chair.

Casemeeting is the third offering in Mirada’s suite of oncology imaging products which together support the sharing and communication of advanced diagnostic findings and quantifications amongst all clinicians responsible for a patient’s management. The Casemeeting software is complementary to XD3, Mirada’s advanced diagnostic imaging review software, and Caseaccess which give the referrer web-based access of data and findings available.

Casemeeting will be launched globally by Mirada Medical in early 2011 and the programme will be available for demonstration in Mirada Medical’s booth at the RSNA Annual Meeting. Mirada Medical will showcase all of its latest industry leading developments in Booth 7520, Hall B, North Building of McCormick Place.

Mirada’s technologies are developed by world renowned scientists and dedicated engineers and the Company is focused on providing users with oncology imaging solutions to enhance their workflow whilst optimising the most accurate and consistent reporting and quantitative knowledge share in the multi-modal diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Hugh Bettesworth, Chief Executive of Mirada Medical, said: “A pre-requisite to personalised medicine is effective inter-disciplinary communication and discussion of pertinent clinical information for the specific case under review. Our aim is to allow the highest quality of diagnostic imaging information to be available to all of the specialists who typically work together with the patient to treat cancer cases. The introduction of Casemeeting now means that a complete set of images and findings can be quickly prepared for the tumor board meeting, and presented with the ability to review the case in advanced visualization software should the need arise.”

About Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical Limited develops internationally recognised medical imaging analysis applications that provide clinicians with advanced software applications for the quantification of images which are typically used in cancer diagnosis and treatment response assessment. Mirada Medical’s technology has broad applicability across nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and medical oncology. Mirada Medical also markets products in neurology and cardiology. Mirada specialises in offering comprehensive and quantifiable analysis for the diagnosis, staging, treatment planning and assessment of treatment response in oncology. Mirada’s advanced technology allows medical images acquired using MRI, CT, SPECT or PET scanners to be combined into one, a process known as image fusion. Image fusion is useful in clinical interpretation as it allows different qualities of information to be combined into a single picture, for example, functional information such as metabolic activity, to be combined with anatomical information showing the precise location of pathology relative to bones and organs. This provides clinical users with a more complete picture, thereby improving the quality of information available when managing a patient’s condition. Mirada’s products are designed to support the comparison of multi-modal images acquired over any number of follow up visits by the patient, making them particularly well suited to the analysis of treatment response in longer term treatment plans such as those typical when treating cancer.

Mirada Medical was formed out of Oxford University by Professor Sir Michael Brady, one of the world’s leading medical imaging scientists. The Company is ISO 13485 certified and its technology has been supplied globally to customers in countries including the US, Japan, and Europe since 2001. Mirada’s products are sold by Mirada but also by major healthcare players such as McKesson, Siemens, Sectra, Carestream and Vital Images.

The Mirada team is a combination of world class scientists and exceptional engineers sourced from both Oxford University and leading blue-chip companies. For more information about Mirada Medical, please visit www.mirada-medical.com.

About RSNA

Founded in 1915, the Radiological Society of North America is a professional membership society committed to excellence in patient care through education and research. More than 40,000 medical imaging professionals are members of RSNA, including radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and allied scientists.

RSNA hosts the world’s largest annual radiology meeting, publishes two highly respected peer-reviewed journals, offers opportunities to earn CME, and provides research and education grants to young investigators. For more information please visit www.rsna.org.

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