November 25, 2010

More Tylenol Recalls Initiated

An additional 9 million containers of Tylenol have been recalled by Johnson & Johnson because the painkiller does not adequately warn customers about the presence of trace amounts of alcohol used to flavor its products.

The new recall follows the previous withdrawal of more than 200 million packages of Tylenol and Motrin, allergy treatment drug Benadryl and other brands that were removed from the market over the past year due to quality-control lapses.

The latest debacle for J&J involves three brands of Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Liquid. The formulations include Daytime 8-ounce Citrus Burst, Severe 8-ounce Cool Burst, and Nighttime 8-ounce Cool Burst.

"There is less than 1 percent alcohol in the flavoring, and this information is on the back of the bottles," said company spokeswoman Bonnie Jacobs.

"But the information does not appear on the front of the bottles," she added, an omission that brought on the recall of the millions of bottles from wholesalers and retail outlets in the United States.

J&J said no side effects have been reported with the newly recalled Tylenol products, which were made by a third-party manufacturer. The company said that anyone who has already purchased the formulations can continue to take them without worry.

J&J recalled almost 5 million packages of Benadryl, Motrin and Rolaids just days ago due to manufacturing "insufficiencies."

The recalls involved products made in its Fort Washington, Pennsylvania plant. The facility was closed earlier in the year to fix quality-control lapses, including unsanitary conditions, and is not expected to resume full operations until later next year.

As a result of the countless scores of J&J product formulations taken from shelves over the last year, consumers have been forced to turn to store brands. A congressional investigation of the repeated recalls has been ongoing, and the US Food and Drug Administration has criticized the company for the ongoing problems, further undermining the company"Ëœs products.

US sales for J&J have plunged 25 percent in the third quarter, contributing to an overall decline in global company revenue. However, shares of J&J were up 0.7 percent at $63.29 in the afternoon trading on the NYSE, amid strong gains in the broad stock market. 


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