Ddrops Booster(TM) 600 IU first and only widely available ‘one drop’ vitamin D supplement that matches the New Institute of Medicine vitamin D recommendations raising the minimum levels to 300% of previous recommendations.

November 30, 2010

Today Ddrops Company also launched new Ddrops(TM) 800 IU per drop product

WOODBRIDGE, ON, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ – Today, the Institute of Medicine (IOM)
released long awaited new guidelines for vitamin D intake increasing
the recommended Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI’s) of vitamin D to
maintain bone health.

Specifically, the new guidelines issued by the US based Institute of
Medicine highlight:

  • Increase the daily vitamin D intake recommendation for adults up to 70
    years of age from 200-400 IUs to 600 IUs
  • Increase the daily vitamin D intake recommendation for adults 71 years
    and older from 600 IUs to up to 800 IUs
  • Increase the daily upper intake level of vitamin D considered safe from
    2,000 IUs to 4,000 IUs for adults

Vitamin D supplementation is an important option to ensure that North
Americans augment dietary vitamin D. Ddrops Company is proud to offer
its unique once-daily vitamin D technology and format: ‘The Sunshine
Vitamin in Just One Drop(R)’.  Ddrops(TM) brand products provide a
concentrated purified vitamin D for a consistent daily dose in each
single drop. Recognizing the need for an individualized vitamin
supplementation, Ddrops Company now offers its widest range of vitamin
D supplement doses in North America.

Ddrops Company President, Chris Temovsky highlighted the company’s
excitement over Ddrops Booster 600IU.  ” We launched Ddrops Booster
600IU over one year ago and are thrilled to have it widely available as
an immediate option for anyone looking to supplement in-line with the
revised recommendations announced today by the Institute of Medicine”. 
Temovsky also announced the launch of Ddrops 800IU following the Health
Canada granting of an NPN approval for Ddrops 800 IU. “This now
provides a well-rounded dose range of products from Baby Ddrops(TM) 400
IU, Kids Ddrops(TM) 400 IU, Ddrops Booster(TM) 600 IU, new Ddrops(TM) 800 IU,
and Ddrops(TM) 1,000 IU (also in the US  Ddrops(TM) 2000 IU)”.  He went on to
highlight “Ddrops range of products uniquely offers the opportunity to
individualize the approach to vitamin D supplementation based on
consideration of a number of individualized factors, including
age/life-stage, dietary intake of vitamin D through fortified foods,
and exposure to direct sunshine.”

About Ddrops Company

Ddrops Company is a Canadian company founded in response to a need for a
simply better way to provide the one vitamin that is most often
deficient in North Americans – vitamin D. Our research and development
is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient
and economical forms of vitamin D supplements for your entire family
under the Ddrops(TM) brand.  Call us for more information @ 905-851-8898,
or visit our website www.ddrops.ca.

SOURCE The D Drops Company Inc.

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