LoveBugs in Palo Alto and Lafayette Announces a Pesticide-Free Alternative for Lice Removal

December 5, 2010

LoveBugs guarantees to free their clients of head lice discretely and safely, without resorting to the harsh chemicals and pesticides found in most commercially available lice-removal products. They combine personal attention with a non-toxic, environmentally safe technique, invented in Greece over 40 years ago.

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 03, 2010

Lafayette, CA (Vocus) December 3, 2010 — Head lice happen. They happen regardless of cleanliness or affluence. They are as prevalent as the common cold, and catching lice is the number one reason kids miss school across the country. Lice don’t carry diseases like mosquitoes or other insects, but over-infestation can cause repeated scratching and lead to infection.

LoveBugs does not use harsh chemicals or pesticides due to the risks associated with exposure to the toxins and the strong circumstantial evidence that head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to commercially available chemical treatments. Based on salt and vinegar, their solution was invented in Greece over 40 years ago and works by slowing the lice down so they can be caught, and by loosening the cement-like glue the nits have on the hair so they can be easily removed.

“Products that claim to kill lice contain a pesticide, and children’s scalps are absorbent””far more absorbent than adults’ scalps,” said Mailana Mavromatis-Broumand, owner of LoveBugs. “That’s why the lice-removal products we use at LoveBugs are non-toxic, 100% vegetarian, 100% natural, never tested on animals, and organic.”

In addition to removing lice, LoveBugs’ approach is to remove as much of the stigma attached to contracting head lice as possible by making getting rid of head lice a safe, comfortable, rapid and fun process. They offer DVDs and snacks to entertain clients and children during sessions. Mavromatis-Broumand has successfully created a happy place where kids don’t have to be ashamed and where well-trained professionals will, in her own words, “just take care of it.”

For more information about natural head lice treatments or any other LoveBugs’ services, phone them at (925) 297-6189 Lafayette, CA or (650) 521-5093 Palo Alto, CA or visit their website at http://www.headlicewalnutcreek.com/

About LoveBugs

LoveBugs is a lice-removal salon that specializes in non-toxic, kid friendly head lice removal for over 40 years. Marika Mavromatis, founder of LoveBugs, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She emigrated to the United States in 1955 and quickly became an American Citizen. Her daughter Mailana recalls her own experience with head lice. Mailana Mavromatis-Broumand had lice in both second and fifth grades and says bugs have always liked her. Her practical acceptance comes with a shrug and appreciation for her mother. “My mom was the only one “” she just took care of it. Even my siblings made me feel ashamed, but not my mom.”

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