Plan Ahead: Start the New Year Off On a Healthy Note

December 16, 2010

RACINE, Wis., Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — To help families kick off the New Year with a new attitude and commitment to more affordable and healthy-eating resolutions, Ziploc® Brand has partnered with Food Network contributor, cookbook author and nutritionist Robin Miller. After the holidays, most families will be looking for time and money-saving solutions and Ziploc® Brand is providing moms with the resources they need to create healthy and enjoyable meals and snacks for the whole family.

“The key to eating healthier is to plan ahead so you can make better choices when less wholesome options are tempting,” says Miller. “Prepping ahead and having portion-controlled snacks on hand will allow you to take control of what your family eats and, ultimately, save time and money.”

Miller’s tips for the New Year:

  1. Divide and Conquer - Send the children off to school with a nutritious snack each day by creating 100-calorie snack portions. Get creative and have fun by allowing the children to divide nuts, fruit, cereal and crackers into different sections before placing them into Ziploc® Brand Snack Bags. Also, keep a bounty of healthy snacks inside the home, office and car – having them on hand will help you avoid last-minute temptations at vending machines and convenience stores.
  2. Save and Repurpose – Save leftovers in individual portions and enjoy them for lunch the next day. Store them in Ziploc® Brand Containers or Freezer Bags to keep them fresh and ready for on-the-go meals. And don’t let those leftover holiday cookies go to waste – freeze and bring them out for a yummy treat when guests come over.
  3. Store and Snack – Enjoy nutritious foods throughout the day to prevent overeating at mealtime. Portion out individual servings of fat-free dressings, vinaigrettes, pesto sauces and bean dips and eat them with baby carrots and zucchini sticks for snacks.
  4. Bake a Batch – Fight the temptation to order take-out by reheating leftovers for another nutritious meal. Just double the batch of your healthy cooking and freeze the leftovers for later in the week.
  5. Prep Multiple Meals - Be resourceful and create two (or more) quick, easy and nutritious meals at once. Look for multiple recipes that have at least four of the same ingredients and use Sunday as a cooking day to prep all the ingredients needed for them. Then simply store everything so each night it’s easy and quick to whip up a delicious meal.

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Ziploc® Brand Bags and Containers provide smart, quality solutions that help moms get more out of the things they do every day for their families. Ziploc® Brand celebrates the magnificent moments of mom, her expertise and brilliant ideas that keep households running smoothly, by offering food and home storage solutions. Ziploc® Brand products are available in grocery, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide.

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