Release of the First Evaluation Data of LISA TRACKER Kits Used by 3 Hospital Centres for the Monitoring of Patients Affected by Auto-Immune Diseases and Treated With Anti-TNF[alpha]

December 20, 2010

PARIS, December 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Biomedical Diagnostics has
released the first evaluation data for LISA TRACKER kits.This innovative tool
allows the clinicians to identify, at various moments of the treatment, a
possible resistance with the medicine and to optimize the patients’
management over time.

Biomedical Diagnostics, company dedicated to the development and to the
marketing of innovative in vitro Diagnosticproducts, is specialized in
particular in the auto-immune diseases. This recognized expertise allowed
Biomedical Diagnostics to provide LISA TRACKER kits, the first CE marked
tests.These kits allow physicians to benefit from additional biological
parameters, within a few hours and from a simple blood sample, thanks to
concomitant dosages of:

    - Circulating TNF[alpha];

    - Prescribed anti-TNF[alpha];

    - Anti-drug antibodies (ADAb) responsible for neutralizing the drug when
    they are developed by the patient.

Associated with a regular clinical evaluation, this diagnostic test
becomes a real theranostic tool allowing:

    - to better profile responders to treatment;

    - to optimize the treatment of patients affected by chronic
    auto-immune diseases and treated by anti-TNF[alpha];

    - and to improve the patients' management in the long term.

LISA TRACKER diagnostic tests are specific for each anti-TNF[alpha]

We count at present, in seven bigger industrial nations, 9,3 million
persons affected by an articulardisease and 2,1 million persons affected by a
digestive disease, mainly Crohn Disease.

Several treatments, among which monoclonal antibodies such as
anti-TNF[alpha], are prescribed to reduce the symptoms of these severe and
chronic auto-immune diseases.

Nevertheless a certain number of patients present, in the course of
treatment, a resurgence of the symptoms which can lead to additional
irreversible articular damages. This change of the therapeutic response can
be linked to various causes. However it is recognized that patients can
develop an immunization.

“The simultaneous consideration of 3 additional biological information,
at various moments of the treatment, represents a significant improvement in
the monitoring of patients affected by auto-immune diseases and treated by
anti-TNF[alpha]. Thanks to this diagnostic tool, we hope to take part and to
facilitate the necessary implementation of a personalized treatment for every
patient,” indicates Michel Finance, Chief Executive Officer of Biomedical

Communication on the first experiences on the use of LISA TRACKER kits in
hospital centres at the 23rd Congress of the French Society of Rheumatology
on November 30th

The hospital centres of La Pitie Salpetriere, Bordeaux and
Kremlin-Bicetre / Clamart implemented the dosages with LISA TRACKER kits and
correlated the results to clinical data of some of their patients in

Professor Xavier Mariette, Chief of the Rheumatology Department at the
Kremlin-Bicetre Hospital, mentions the importance of the dosage of these
medicines and in this particular case of anti-TNF[alpha], in the monitoring
of patients treated by anti-TNF[alpha] in the long term.

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