January 1, 2011

Where Are America’s Drunkest Cities?

As American ushers in the New Year, an American news and opinion website has ranked Milwaukee as the "Drunkest City in America."

On New Year's Eve The Daily Beast released their ranking of which cities are extremely zealous when it comes to chugging down a few cold ones.

According to a national study performed by the website, Milwaukee adults drink more alcoholic beverages than any other city in the US. On average, they drank nearly 13 drinks per month. And according to The Daily Beast, 21.8 percent of those adults are considered binge drinkers.

Most American adults enjoy a regular nip, and most health professionals say that's a good thing, if kept to a single drink per day. But New Year's Eve celebrations serve as a stark reminder that the rules of moderation sometimes go out the window.

The Daily Beast wanted to see which places throw out those rules the most often.

To compile the first annual list of the drunkest cities in America, the website looked at three things: average alcohol consumption over a month, the highest levels of binge drinking, and the places where large numbers of the population suffer from health problems due mainly to over-drinking.

For average drinks per month, The Daily Beast turned to Experian Simmons, which provided the average number of alcoholic drinks consumed per person in a typical month in more than 200 metropolitan areas.

The site also used 2009 statistics on the percentage of the adult population for each metro region that are heavy and binge drinkers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Lastly, the news and opinion website calculated deaths from alcoholic liver disease for each city from the most recent statistics published by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

Besides Milwaukee, The Daily Beast determined that the other cities fitting into the top 5 drunkest cities are: 2. Fargo, 3. San Francisco, 4. Austin, and 5. Reno. Cities most known for their booze, such as New Orleans and Las Vegas ranked far lower on the list. Some barely made the top 40 list.


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