Top Diet Website Chooses Home Diet Delivery to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

January 4, 2011

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The heads of the popular diet website Fat Man Unleashed are nearing the final stretch of a six month weight loss challenge featuring top home diet delivery companies BistroMD and Nutrisystem.

Frank Cruz and Israel Lagares from Fat Man Unleashed have lost a total of 80 pounds. A life-and-death choice is how Cruz refers to his decision to work towards a healthy goal weight of 210 pounds. His family struggled with diabetes, heart problems and weight management. In 2000, Cruz’s father underwent a quadruple bypass and open heart surgery. Months later, both of his diabetic grandparents from his father’s side of the family passed away from massive heart attacks. By 2005, Cruz was tipping the scales at almost 300 lbs for his 5-foot 11-inch frame. With a young wife and baby at home, Cruz knew that he had to make a change. After several failed attempts at yo-yo dieting, Cruz now refers to his daily progress as death to the yo-yo life.

“I wanted to move past my other experiences and show the world that it is possible for you to transform your life right now from your home,” said Cruz.

The body of scientific evidence confirms that this transformation is possible and Cruz’s results prove it. Weight loss that results in even small changes in body composition can pay off to life changing benefits. In August of 2010 Cruz weighed 270 pounds. Over the last four months Cruz has eaten physician-designed, chef-prepared meals from BistroMD and has lost 45 pounds. Each meal from BistroMD is designed by Caroline J. Cederquist, a family practice physician and bariatric physician and contains the proper scientific combinations of nutrients to promote healthy weight loss.

“The medical community agrees that even a five percent weight loss is significant with regards to improving the health risks of being overweight. Diabetic and overweight patients who achieve a 5% weight loss often have lower blood sugar readings and can improve their blood pressure. Cruz has lost over 15% of his body weight since August,” said Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

Known as the “fat kid” through childhood and junior high school, Israel Lagares is the second participant in the weight loss challenge. Comfort foods like ice cream and Twinkies helped him retain that title until high school. In his freshman year, a health conscious friend changed his view on exercise and diet forever by encouraging him to work out. The first time Lagares tried to do a push-up he could not even do one. Instead of being discouraged, Lagares found a group of friends who enjoyed working out. With their support as well as his athletic commitment to his high school football team, he transitioned from the “fat kid” into a “Fat Man Unleashed.”

“I made such a healthy transition in my young adult life. Then after college the tolls of working life and lack of time and sleep killed my exercise and healthy eating routine,” said Lagares.

Three years ago, Lagares weighed in at 348 pounds for his 6-foot 1-inch frame. Wanting to regain what he had lost in self esteem and lose what he had gained in extra weight, Lagares started the Fat Man Unleashed website. He wanted a place to be accountable and to share his thoughts, successes and struggles. As he shared his story the message resonated with the online community. When Lagares set a target weight of 225, the support was overwhelming.

Lagares’ website, Fat Man Unleashed, has become a source of information on health topics as well as a living support group for thousands of people who are working towards a healthier lifestyle. For visitors to the site, it’s apparent that it has been a long journey. As the challenge heads into the last weeks, the participants will publicly announce their overall weight loss. To follow Frank Cruz and Israel Lagares on their personal journey, watch their videos and read their reviews on their diet plans, visit http://www.fatmanunleashed.com. To learn more about BistroMD, visit http://www.BistroMD.com.


Before: Mr. Cruz and his son Frank who weighed 300 lbs on Christmas in 2007.


After: Frank Cruz weighed 230 lbs in December of 2010 after BistroMD.


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