Williamsville Wellness Invites Ed Rendell to See the Ravages of Gambling Firsthand

January 10, 2011

HANOVER, Va., Jan. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Nationwide, states are dealing with monumental budget deficits that politicians are pressured to overcome. Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell, is one of many to recognize casinos as an additional source of revenue. Although Rendell has only a few days left as Pennsylvania’s Governor, his recent interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes has caused quite a stir. Today, Williamsville Wellness, a Hanover, Virginia facility for gambling addiction treatment offered a standing invite for Rendell to visit the facility, allowing him to see firsthand the devastating effects of problem gambling.

“Governor Rendell’s failure to understand the potential downsides of gambling is appalling, and we hope that visiting Williamsville Wellness will help him gain some perspective on the subject,” said Bob Cabaniss, executive director of Williamsville Wellness and recovering gambling addict. “If the Governor’s budgets are as squeezed as Pennsylvania’s, we will gladly pay for his travel to our facility so that he can see the results of gambling addiction firsthand.”

Gambling addiction is not an isolated illness. The staff at Williamsville Wellness also frequently treats depression, emotional disorders and substance abuse, as they are all commonly linked to gambling addiction.

“It is vital that we are all aware of the perils of problem gambling so that we may be able to protect and help our loved ones,” said Cabaniss. “In the last five years, calls to gambling addiction hotlines in Pennsylvania have tripled.”

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state with a growing problem. There are more than three million problem gamblers in the U.S. and the number increases each year. It’s important to recognize warning signs of addiction which can help identify whether gambling activities are a common pastime or if the individual has fallen victim to a compulsive, dangerous addiction.

Gambling Addiction Warning Signs in Adults:

  • Talks about gambling frequently
  • Commits financially driven crimes (ex: check forgery, tax fraud)
  • Increase in tobacco, alcohol and drug use
  • Reads sports pages compulsively
  • Never admits to losing
  • Borrows excessive money from friends
  • Has multiple credit cards
  • Does not pay bills on time or at all
  • More irritable, restless and isolative than usual

Gambling Addiction Warning Signs in Adolescents:

  • Frequent dice or card games at home
  • Frequent school absences
  • Withdrawal from family
  • Drop in school grades and extracurricular activities
  • Lies about whereabouts
  • Increased irritability
  • Excessive internet use

Those who identify with several of the symptoms above could be a compulsive gambler and should seek counseling and treatment.

Williamsville Wellness, based just outside of Richmond, Virginia, provides a rural setting where patients can focus on recovery without any distractions. Williamsville Wellness is the only treatment facility in the United States licensed to treat gambling addiction. Alongside a highly-trained staff of psychologists, counselors and social workers, Cabaniss developed an Advanced Synergized Treatment method that combines eight different therapeutic modalities, focused entirely on the treatment of problem gambling. No other treatment center in the U.S. offers this program.

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