January 11, 2011

Injectable Drug Could Help Fight ‘Double Chin’

German drug giant Bayer said on Monday it had commenced testing on an injectable drug that could fight the fat deposits that lead to the dreaded "double chin."

Bayer announced in a statement that it was conducting clinical trials into ATX-101, an injectable drug "for the reduction of localized fat under the chin (submental fat)."

The firm is testing 720 people in 64 different centers in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy. They are hoping to launch a product in 2014 in Europe, Asia and South America.

"There is a huge demand for a safe, effective and approved injectable treatment for localized fat reduction," Jean-Paul Ortonne, a French dermatologist involved in the trials, said in the statement.

The tests are a step toward "a well-studied, clinically-proven treatment to reduce localized submental fat without surgery," added Ortonne.

A spokeswoman for Bayer described the procedure as "something like a tattoo."

Between 40 and 70 small injections are administered into the fat cells over several sessions, said spokeswoman Yvonne Moeller, adding that the number of sessions depends on the size of the double chin and the person.

"You would hope to see noticeable results after about 16 weeks," she told AFP.


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