January 11, 2011

New Mirror Device To Detect Flu

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies announced today a "Thermo Mirror" which can read the skin temperature of anyone looking into it, without the need for physical contact says the Japanese technology firm.

Similar in appearance to a table mirror it is expected to replace thermography cameras used at airports and other public spaces that passively screen people who might have communicable diseases.

The person's temperature is displayed on the surface, and the device has an alarm that will beep when detecting a subject who is feverish.

"We foresee uses at corporate receptions, schools, hospitals and public facilities," NEC Avio said in a statement and aims to sell 5,000 units in one year. 

With two versions priced at 98,000 yen and 120,000 yen ($1,180-$1,440) each, the product costs less than 10 percent of thermography cameras.


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