New Razor Rack System Extends Razor Life, Moisturizes Skin and Saves You Money

January 18, 2011

Trisco Products (http://www.razor-rack.com), a small Ohio manufacturer, debuts their new razor safeguard. Find out how you can start saving money and going green.

Canton, OH (PRWEB) January 17, 2011

Is everyone tired of spending a fortune on high priced razors and their refill cartridges? Trisco Products is introducing the Hydraulic Razor Rack Preservation System, a new economical and efficient shaving apparatus that dramatically lengthens the life of razor blades. Upgrade and enhance your inexpensive disposable razors, and start saving money.

Stainless steel razors are non-existent, companies cannot economically manufacture such thin stainless steel edges. Simple rust, or oxidation, from water dulls razors’ edges. In order to lengthen the quality usage and life of your razors, oxidation must be stopped at a microscopic level.

Major razor blade companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and endorsements every year. This in turn drives up prices for consumers. Recent studies suggest an average adult male could save well over one hundred dollars a year by using the Razor Rack to enhance their standard disposable razor. After every use, simply submerge the razor head in the system, the solutions anti-oxidative properties will keep a sharp, like-new edge for countless shaves.

A longer lasting sharp edge on your razor means less nicks and cuts, and a cleaner, closer shave. With every shave, the Razor Preservation Solution adds an extra layer of lubrication with moisturizing oils and vitamins. Healthier skin results from less irritation, less whisker snagging and pulling, and vitamin skin enrichment.

Every day, over thirty million disposable razors are thrown away and end up in landfills. Save your wallet and the environment by maintaining your edge.

“There are so many benefits the Razor Rack provides; it saves you money, promotes skin health, reduces landfill and is one hundred percent made in America. Compared to other similar products on the market, this one is the most efficient, using no electricity such as batteries or heat fans, or expensive monthly refills, and all at an affordable, money saving price,” said Kim Trissel, President of Trisco Products, LLC. Trisco Products ships same day nationwide and internationally; orders, along with FAQ’s, can be placed by phone, fax or online by visiting http://www.razor-rack.com.

Contact Information

Retailers looking for an intriguing new addition to their storefront should contact Brett Trissel of Trisco Products LLC by email at sales(at)razor-rack(dot)com, or by phone 330-412-4233.

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