Remuda Ranch Launches New OCD Residential Treatment Program

January 18, 2011

PHOENIX, Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — OCD affects approximately 2 percent of the population. Left untreated, the symptoms of OCD intensify and can disrupt every aspect of daily life. Eventually, OCD makes it impossible to lead a normal life.

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“This is an extremely serious disorder,” said Ken Littlefield, PsyD, psychologist at the OCD program at Remuda Ranch. “Individuals with OCD face significant impairment in functioning and quality of life. We have developed a comprehensive residential treatment program to help women, ages 18 and older, achieve freedom from the grip of OCD and related disorders.”

Remuda Ranch’s specialized residential programs treat:

  • OCD
  • panic disorder
  • agoraphobia
  • social anxiety disorder
  • body dysmorphic disorder

“Our metropolitan location provides additional therapeutic experiences,” said JoAnna Shapiro, executive administrator at Remuda Ranch in Chandler, Ariz. “The program setting is in a home environment which provides the opportunity for residents to experience success over their compulsions and to live an effective life.”

An experienced team of multi-disciplinary professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment of each resident’s history and current state of mental health. The outcomes of this assessment are used to create an individualized set of treatment goals and a step-by-step plan to achieve these goals. The length of stay is flexible and based on the specific needs of the resident.

“Our evidence-based therapies have helped thousands of women find relief from the symptoms of OCD and other anxiety disorders,” adds Dr. Littlefield.

Evidence-based treatment components of Remuda Ranch’s OCD program include:

  • exposure with response prevention (ERP)
  • behavioral therapy
  • cognitive restructuring
  • experiential therapy
  • psychopharmacology
  • group therapy
  • family education and therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills
  • relaxation
  • recreation
  • relapse prevention

To learn more about OCD and Remuda Ranch’s new treatment program, visit www.remudaranch.com.

About Remuda Ranch Treatment Programs

Remuda Ranch offers inpatient and residential programs for individuals suffering from eating disorders, OCD and related issues. Each patient is treated by a multi-disciplinary team including a psychiatric and a primary care provider, registered dietitian, master’s level therapist, psychologist and registered nurse. The professional staff equips each patient with the right tools to live a healthy, productive life. For more information, call 1-800-445-1900 or visit www.remudaranch.com.

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