MMX Technologies Announces Launch of New Website

January 20, 2011

NEW YORK, Jan. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — MMX Technologies today announced the recent launch of www.mygymandtrainer.com, a new social media site dedicated to fitness. The purpose of the site is to provide free listings for all types of fitness professionals, fitness facilities, and health promotion organizations to help them advertise themselves at no cost and to allow consumers to provide and receive unbiased information. “We noticed that short of getting tips from friends, we had no idea about any of the terrific local gyms or trainers available to us and no way to find them. So we wanted to change that,” says Daniel Chvatik, co-founder of Mygymandtrainer.com.

Mygymandtrainer.com aims to fill the current gap in information by giving fitness professionals from across the country a platform to showcase their services free of charge. Consumers can then search the website, also for free, to find fitness solutions using a variety of filters such as specific location, type of training, specialization, amenities, years of experience, and more.

Despite just having launched, the site already has over 100,000 trainer, gym and class profiles throughout the country. “Our goal is to list the vast majority of all fitness solutions available in the US by the end of 2011,” states Daniel Chvatik. “We think and hope that this resource will make it easier for consumers to make the decision to join that gym or trainer or class that just speaks to them on a personal level through the profiles on our site. For fitness professionals, we hope to provide a new way for them to reach out to potential clients, tell their story and show how they can help clients reach their fitness goals.”

New Year’s Personal Training Session Giveaway

To celebrate the recent launch, the site started a sweepstakes to give away free personal training sessions every week in the months of January and February to the person(s) who shares the most compelling personal fitness story for why they should win the prize. The sweepstakes is open to everyone who lives in the US and is 18 years and older. For more information go here www.mygymandtrainer.com/contests/free-training.

And the New Year’s Giveaway is just the start. According to the founders, Mygymandtrainer.com is “a small company with big dreams of keeping America fit”. The Mygymandtrainer team’s stated plan is to continuously add new, useful features to its site in an effort to provide its users with the most comprehensive, cutting edge connection to the fitness community available out there.

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