Canine VacciCheck Discussed at the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) in the USA

January 24, 2011

ORLANDO, Florida, January 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Canine VacciCheck
was discussed during a panel discussion in a vaccination symposium at the

During this panel discussion, a question was raised as to the options
available regarding checking for titers for the core vaccines of Hepatitis,
Parvovirus and Distemper.

Professor Ronald Schultz from the University of Wisconsin mentioned the
Canine VacciCheck as a novel “in house” option for titer checking. Professor
Schultz described the VacciCheck as being a cost effective, user friendly and
expedient titer test for Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus), Parvovirus and
Distemper to determine whether there is a need to revaccinate dogs and
therefore avoid potential adverse events. Professor Schultz also discussed
the potential use of the VacciCheck as part of the puppy confirmation

About the Canine VacciCheck:

The Canine VacciCheck was recently approved by the USDA in the USA.

The Canine VacciCheck kit is intended to be used as a diagnostic tool to
evaluate the antibody response to the core vaccination or infection by
Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Canine Adenovirus), Canine Parvovirus and
Distemper Virus.

This test is especially useful to determine if a dog requires additional
vaccination, and may save the dog unnecessary vaccination. It is can also
help determine the vaccination status of a dog with unknown vaccination
history or help determine if puppies have received immunity from vaccination.

What is unique about Biogal’s ImmunoComb(R) Canine VacciCheck is that it
gives the veterinarian the opportunity of being able to quantitatively check
for all the 3 core vaccines. This is all done in one test as a follow up to
vaccination, in the vet’s clinic or the veterinary lab, with an answer
received within 20 minutes.

About Biogal-Galed Labs-

Biogal – Galed Laboratories was founded in 1986 and developed the
ImmunoComb(R) technology, which is a quick, simple and portable Dot-ELISA
Test Kit, providing semi quantitative serological test results.

    Biogal also has the following USDA approved products available in the USA:

    - ImmunoComb(R) Feline Corona Virus (FCoV) [FIP] Antibody Test Kit

    - ImmunoComb(R) Murine ImmunoComb(R) Antibody Test Kit

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