LHSC announces a Cardiac Surgery World First

January 24, 2011

Complicated Surgery simplified by New Device

LONDON, ON, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ – Doctors at London Health Sciences Centre
(LHSC) are the first in the world to use a new implantable surgical
device that promises to revolutionize aortic valve bypass surgery.

On November 3, 2010, LHSC’s cardiac surgery team led by Drs. Bob Kiaii and Linrui Guo successfully performed an aortic valve bypass using a
specialized Aortic Valve Bypass (AVB) device. This was done to treat a
patient with critical aortic stenosis who could not have conventional
treatments due to his underlying high risk condition. “There were no
options left for the patient. He was at a point where no more than 30%
of his blood was being pumped out of his heart. Not only was he
severely fatigued and weakened, but he was at a high risk for having a
stroke,” explains Dr. Kiaii, chair/chief of the cardiac surgery team.

The aortic valve bypass using the Correx AVB device promises to reduce
the complexity of this very difficult surgery. It involves a
specialized delivery mechanism that renders the surgery almost
bloodless and it eliminates the need to stop the heart and put the
patient on a heart-lung bypass machine. “The Correx AVB device makes
aortic valve bypass surgery much safer for the patient and their
recovery time is faster. The added benefit is that it is also an easier
surgery for cardiac surgeons to perform, which should increase
treatment options for patients with critical aortic stenosis,” says Dr.
Guo, cardiac surgeon.

Gunars Liepens, 75, from London, Ontario, is the first person in the
world to undergo this procedure using the AVB device. He has
recuperated from his surgery and is doing well. “Before the surgery, I
could barely do five minutes on the treadmill and I was tired
constantly. Right after the surgery, I felt better. Now, I am up to 30
minutes a day on the treadmill and I am able to go out with my wife on
outings,” says Mr. Liepens.

LHSC’s CSTAR program helped test and validate the device made by Correx
Inc. of Waltham, MA. Surgeons from LHSC, as well as, from Royal
Victoria Hospital in Montreal and Foothills Medical Centre in Alberta
were trained at CSTAR’s facilities. In addition, leading heart surgeons
from Europe will soon be coming to CSTAR to learn how to perform this
surgery and implant the device in patients with critical aortic

LHSC’s President and CEO, Bonnie Adamson congratulated the LHSC staff
and surgeons. “This is a great example of the ongoing and proud
tradition of medical firsts at LHSC.”

About London Health Sciences Centre
London Health Sciences Centre has been in the forefront of medicine in
Canada for 135 years and offers the broadest range of specialized
clinical services in Ontario. Building on the traditions of its
founding hospitals to provide compassionate care in an academic
teaching setting, London Health Sciences Centre is home to Children’s
Hospital, South Street Hospital, University Hospital, Victoria
Hospital, two family medical centres, and two research institutes -
Children’s Health Research Institute and Lawson Health Research
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London. As a leader in medical discovery and health research, London
Health Sciences Centre has a history of over 50 international and
national firsts and attracts top clinicians and researchers from around
the world. As a regional referral centre, London Health Sciences Centre
cares for the most medically complex patients including critically
injured adults and children in Southwestern Ontario and beyond. The
hospital’s nearly 15,000 staff, physicians, students and volunteers
provide care for more than one million patient visits a year. For more
information visit www.lhsc.on.ca

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