Social Emotional Learning Key to Helping Children and Adolescents Develop Purpose, Connectedness and Coping Skills

January 26, 2011

SFK-Success for Kids Programs Show Early Intervention Central to Addressing Behaviors that can Lead to Tragedies

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The recent tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, underscores the urgent need for early intervention programs for children and adolescents whose daily circumstances cause anguish, inner turmoil and feelings of hopelessness and isolation, according to a statement released today by SFK-Success for Kids, Inc., an international organization that provides social emotional learning curriculum to youth around the world.

SFK’s mission focuses on children and adolescents who lack proper social emotional skills, coping skills, and the tools to productively manage personal challenges and conflict as these children are far more likely to make poor choices. Children who struggle with feelings of low self-esteem, intolerance and a lack of connectedness to others are also at a far greater risk of engaging in reactive behaviors in childhood and later in life. Often, as adults, they are at a greater risk of committing acts of violence against others and being involved in other negative behaviors such as bullying, crime, depression and drug use.

“Both in school and in their homes, we teach our children reading, writing and arithmetic but not personal empowerment, sharing and caring as part of the core education,” said Donna Karan, a member of the board of directors for SFK-Success for Kids. “With the tools provided by SFK, children and parents learn the self empowerment needed in the growing chaos we face in life. With so much chaos going on in the world, children need the tools to be able to handle the challenges they are facing today.”

A lack of connectedness to others and feelings of alienation from the world play significant roles in developing adverse behaviors in children, adolescents and adults that include actions ranging from bullying to incidents such as the mass shootings in Tucson, Fort Hood Army Base, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School and several other similar incidents.

“We are all affected by any hurt being inflicted on others, which is why reaching children and adolescents as early as possible in their lives with social emotional learning is key to their ability to adopt essential skills in communication, and problem solving, as well as a positive outlook in the face of life’s challenges,” said Dr. Heath Grant, CEO of Global Education and Outreach for SFK-Success for Kids, Inc. “When children develop a sense of responsibility, empathy and respect for others, it significantly impacts the course of their lives through the choices that they make.”

At the core of all SFK concepts and curriculum is teaching children the importance of caring for self and others, thereby, helping them to develop the ability to connect with people throughout their lifetime. Children and adolescents learn that their choices affect both their own lives and the lives of others.

“We help children and adolescents to develop a strong sense of self-awareness, to value other people and teach them how to mange their emotions so that challenges and conflicts are addressed constructively,” said Dwayne Ashley, CEO of Global Operations for Success for Kids, Inc. “When children gain these critical life skills, we know that their capacity to recognize their own unique purpose and become better members of society are greatly increased.”

SFK is also having an impact on the pervasive problem of bullying, as the organization’s programs address behaviors that lead to children and adolescents becoming bullies. Thirty percent of children in U.S. schools are involved in bullying (bullies, victims or victims turned bullies) and studies show that children who bully are more likely to commit violent acts as adults. SFK recently released a white paper demonstrating that social emotional learning programs are successful in addressing behaviors in children who bully and those who are victims of bullies. For example, an elementary school in Miami reports that less than one year following children completing SFK programs, bullying has decreased from 19 reported incidents to one incident.

For more information about SFK-Success for Kids, go to: www.sfk.org


Success for Kids, Inc. (SFK), is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering at-risk children and youth to become resilient, productive citizens by delivering innovative research-based programs that enhance four personal strengths (interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills and self-sufficiency) and give students a greater sense of purpose in their lives. With a dedicated staff, SFK is the largest international social emotional learning organization in the world. Since its inception in 2001, SFK has provided more than $32 million in programmatic support impacting more than 75,000 children and adolescents. A 501(c) (3), tax-exempt organization, it ranks as one of the most efficiently operated charities in the country.

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