WaterWorks4U.com Releases New Alkaline Water Filters That Help Combat Toxic Chemicals (Chromium6, etc.) in Tap Water and Disease-Promoting Acid Body Conditions

January 27, 2011

Recent reports warn that toxic chemicals in plastic bottles, such as BPA, get into the water they carry. Additionally, there is substantial emerging evidence that acidic body conditions promote a wide variety of disease. WaterWorks4U.com has released two powerful tools that help protect people from both dangers. The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer & the Ion Wave Alkaline Water Pitcher convert plain tap water into filtered, anti-oxidant rich, high pH alkaline water. Use of these tools will also save a substantial amount of money by removing the need to purchase bottled water.

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) January 26, 2011 ““

“People ingest toxins and chemicals in the bottled water they drink. It comes directly from the plastic bottle that holds the water,” says Peter Goodgold, president of WaterWorks4U.com. “It’s sad. People pay good money for bottled water, because they don’t want to drink tap water. They’re concerned by recent reports of hidden danger like carcinogen Chromium-6, discovered in the drinking water of 35 cities. But many people are unaware of what’s lurking in their bottled water. Chemicals in the plastic bottle, like BPA (Bisphenol A), find their way into the water, then into the body.”

Peter Goodgold is a life-long expert in the water industry; an author and speaker with extensive knowledge about plastic bottling practices, water contamination, water pollution, carcinogens in water as well as the important benefits of an alkaline diet and how drinking alkalized ionized water can enhance health and longevity.

Goodgold continues, “In addition to the chemicals that may be found in tap and bottled water, most people are unaware of how bottled water’s often highly filtered, acidic nature can affect their health. An acid body environment promotes a wide variety of disease.”

“Your body faces all kinds of breakdown if it is allowed to get too acidic or is forced to fight too hard for too long just to stay basic. Sickness, dis-ease, and so-called disease of any kind is the result of acidity”, writes Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD, DSc, a nationally renowned cellular microbiologist and nutritionist, in his book “The pH Miracle”.

With both of these critical health factors in mind, WaterWorks4U.com announces the availability of the Ionic Oasis Digital Water Ionizer and the Ion Wave Alkaline Water Pitcher to the public and it’s authorized dealers.

Both the Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer and the Ion Wave Alkaline Water Pitcher convert plain tap water into filtered, antioxidant rich, high pH alkaline water. The restructured purified water produced by these health devices has remarkable benefits, not the least of which is removing the need to ever buy bottled water again.

The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer

The Ionic Oasis Digital Water Ionizer produces endless quantities of pre-filtered healthy high pH Alkaline water that helps bring your body into proper pH balance. Its antioxidant super-charged water can help neutralize free radicals in your body and distribute oxygen to your system.

The Ionic Oasis first filters the water to remove impurities and then uses electrolysis to alkalize and ionize the water. The Ionic Oasis also produces acid water which has antibacterial and astringent properties and can be used to kill bacteria on contact, remove plaque from teeth, kill fungus and tone up your face (for external use only).

The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer has 7 large platinum-coated titanium electrodes, a large carbon/Tourmaline water filter, a color LCD screen with a built in pH and ORP meter, a water flow meter, an automatic cleaning alert, a calcium port for adding minerals, hot water shut-off, and filter replacement indicator.

  •     Balances body pH – to prevent disease and promote wellness
  •     Produces water with powerful anti-oxidants to slow down aging and scavenge free radicals
  •     Powerful detoxifier – facilitates detoxification and helps eliminate excess fatty tissue
  •     Increased Hydration – restructured smaller sized water clusters hydrates our body six times more effectively than normal tap water
  •     Makes tasty water rich in Ionized minerals and negative ions

The Ion Wave Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Ion Wave Pitcher may look like water pitchers widely advertised on TV, but it’s very different because it;

  •     Raises water to 9.5 pH+ to help balance your body’s pH
  •     Turns tap water into a powerful antioxidant for wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging.
  •     Filters and ionizes water – removes chlorine, heavy metals and impurities
  •     Great for family and travel ““ no electricity required
  •     Makes tasty water rich in Ionized minerals and negative ions
  •     Portable and Affordable; it can make healthy water anywhere
  •     Reusable

The filtered high pH alkaline water produced by the Ion Wave Pitcher helps balance the body’s pH and counteracts acidic conditions produced by food, drinks and sweeteners common in today’s diet. Additionally, an abundance of oxygen, hydration ability, free radical scavenging hydroxyl ions and a negative charge (negative ions) are other healthful properties of water produced by the Ion Wave Pitcher.

The Ion Wave contains a special 2 stage filter;

Stage 1 – Carbon

Removes chlorine, contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical absorption. Carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water.

Stage 2 – Remineralizing Alkalizing Filter

A new revolutionary futuristic filter process uses a proprietary mixture of grade A super charged minerals to achieve ionization and re-structuring of the water clusters. Not only does the water reach a high pH (9.5) but it’s full of antioxidants and reaches a negative (ORP) oxidation reduction potential

A special timer on the Ion Wave Pitcher lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter.

Both the Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer and the Ion Wave Alkaline Water Pitcher are available immediately at the WaterWorks4U.com website. Replacement filters for both units are also available on the website. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Peter Goodgold at 1 (561) 790-2004 or visit WaterWorks4U.com

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