ARR Sticks With Intended Parents Long Term With ‘Family Commitment’ Program

February 8, 2011

CHICAGO, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR – www.arr1.com), a leading agency that matches intended parents with egg donors and gestational surrogates, has launched a new egg donation program called “Family Commitment.”

The program aims to help ease the financial burden of trying again in the event that it takes more than one cycle or egg donor to achieve pregnancy.

“What we’re doing is telling our intended parents that we’ll stick with them without charging them a host of new or additional fees in the process,” said ARR president Robin von Halle.

Typically, egg donation agencies charge various tiered fees to intended parents that cover a single egg donor’s donation cycle. These range from management fees to legal and psychological testing fees for the donor, as well as a medical complication policy.

ARR’s Family Commitment program (arr1.com/ourprograms/eggdonation.html) covers a five-year period. For one agency fee that’s less than 50 percent higher than ARR’s standard program, it covers these costs through as many donors as it takes, or until the intended parents decide to pursue other options. All of each donor’s embryos must be used before work begins to find another donor, and donor compensation is not included.

This program expands on ARR’s existing Cycle Commitment Program, which provides intended parents a single agency fee that will see them through a single donation cycle, providing for as many rematches as is necessary until one donor’s egg retrieval is complete.

“Since we opened our doors, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a completely transparent partnership in helping people create their families,” said von Halle. “Our Family Commitment program continues that tradition.”

Founded in 1992, ARR (www.arr1.com/) was the first egg donor/gestational surrogacy agency in Chicago, and one of the first in the nation. For information, e-mail info@arr1.com, or call 773.327.7315.

Media contact: Sally Hodge, Hodge Media Strategies, 773.325.9282 or shodge@hodgemediastrategies.com.

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