February 15, 2011

NY Stores Now Selling OTC Paternity Tests

Identigene announced on Tuesday that its DNA Paternity Test Kit is now available in New York pharmacies.

Identigene first started selling its paternity test kit in major pharmacy chains three years ago. 

The kit has been available in 49 states for over two years and is in over 16,000 stores.

New York requires a physician or attorney's authorization for a paternity test and requires that the sample collection process be witnessed. 

This policy has required people to perform individual steps in the testing process and then to wait a prolonged period for results.

"Now, there is a solution for New Yorkers seeking a fast and certain answer to their paternity question--and it reduces the cost by about two-thirds," Steve Smith, executive director of Identigene, said in a statement. "Results are typically available in three days and can be viewed online by the physician and customer through a login ID and password."

The kit for New York can be purchased at Duane Reade clinics or stores for $29.99.  The complete service includes the laboratory fee, physician authorization and collection witness fee, and will cost consumers $300.

The New York state department of health audited and certified Identigene's laboratory, which is one of the most highly accredited laboratories in the world.

Identigene is the world's largest provider of direct-access DNA paternity testing.  It is the first DNA testing laboratory in the world to commercially use modern STR technology for paternity testing.

It is also the only company to sell a paternity test through major retail outlets.


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