Wick’em Launches Silky-Soft Natural Bamboo Bra Liner for Sore and Sensitive Skin – Makes Wearing a Bra ‘Bearable’

February 21, 2011

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Feb. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Wick’em has a lot in store for women with sore, sensitive, or allergy-prone skin. The launch of their new Natural Bamboo Bra Liner was inspired by an overwhelming number of customer requests for a bra liner that was not only soft enough for extra-sensitive skin, but was also constructed without substances that can often be skin-irritating. Wick’em discovered that most of these requests came from women who were suffering from some type of medical condition – breast cancer treatments that make the skin red and raw, breast surgeries while the skin and tissues were still in the process of healing – or they had allergy-prone or sensitive skin that cannot come into contact with certain chemicals or products without experiencing painful reactions.

In the development phase, Wick’em turned to bamboo. The bamboo plant used to make bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that help the plant fight off disease and insects. (That’s why it requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow.) Although yet unproven, many people feel that bamboo fabric retains many of those same properties – a plus for skin conditions that can be fungal or can become infected. And the resulting fabric is so velvety soft, with natural moisture wicking properties, it was the perfect choice.

With a silky-soft feel, a 100% cotton lining for superior absorption, a patented design that prevents skin-to-skin contact, and the use of absolutely no dyes or latex in construction, the Natural Bamboo Wick’em not only wicks moisture away from the skin, it also provides superior softness and cushioning for those women who need it. Now, customers who have special skin care needs can choose the Natural Bamboo Wick’em and customers who need extra absorbency can choose the Original Wick’em that is made from moisture management fabric. Both products answer the number one plea heard from women: “PLEASE – make wearing a bra bearable!”

Below is a link to the new must-see Wick’em Natural Bamboo Bra Liner video:


The product can be ordered on line at http://www.braliner.com

About Wick’em LLC

Aliso Viejo, California-based Wick’em LLC serves women worldwide by providing an affordable, non-chemical, non-prescription solution to skin irritation in the breast area. Often, these problems can be caused by breast cancer treatments, by perspiration paired with skin-to-skin contact, or by bras (especially underwires) rubbing against sensitive skin.

Wick’em recommends that all women first consult with their physician to rule out conditions that can sometimes be symptoms of serious conditions before wearing the Wick’em Bra Liner.

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    Donna Frye, President
    Wick'em LLC


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