LIMU Realizes Accelerated Momentum in Sales and Leadership

April 7, 2011

LAKE MARY, Fla., April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of its annual Member convention, Direct Sales Leader LIMU achieves strong growth heading into the second quarter. Part of the significant changes at LIMU is new Member and industry veteran, Robert Dean Jr. Capping off his first week with LIMU, Mr. Dean earned $25,000 through the new LIMU Fast Track Program, marking the highest individual payout in the company’s history. Coinciding with this record payment, six additional top income earners saw payout increases of over 3000 percent.

“Our team’s success at LIMU is testament to the company’s focus on its Members and their limitless opportunities,” said Robert Dean. “I’m even more confident in my decision to join LIMU and our team will continue to thrive as we share the health benefits of Fucoidan worldwide.” Mr. Dean’s organization created a new energy, helping LIMU’s existing Member base see remarkable improvements in sales and recruiting efforts.

LIMU has proven that re-branding and management focus can truly affect the trajectory of a company that has had steady success year over year. The changes allowed the debt-free Direct Sales leader to launch new products, enter international markets and encourage sales with their BMW incentive program called the “Ultimate Auto Program.”

“Acceleration is our theme for 2011 and we’ve seen it come to fruition,” said Gary J Raser, LIMU Founder and CEO. “The dedication of our Members is inspiring and I’m determined to empower them to achieve their goals. They are helping realize my dream of sharing the health benefits of Fucoidan to the global community. We will continue bringing the most premium Fucoidan-based products to market with our LIMU Members leading the charge.”

About LIMU(TM)

LIMU is an established global nutritional company solely focused on marketing the rich health benefits of marine bioactive, Fucoidan. Employing a direct sales business model, LIMU continues to expand its network of Members across the globe, with tens of millions of dollars in commissions paid. Based in Florida, LIMU is an industry leading home-based business opportunity, helping people to enjoy a higher quality of life. For more information on LIMU and its exclusive Fucoidan product formulas, please visit www.thelimucompany.com.


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