April 12, 2011

ChemAxon Launches ‘Live’ Chemistry in Microsoft SharePoint(TM) With JChem for SharePoint Web Parts

BUDAPEST, Hungary, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ChemAxon, a leading
provider of chemistry software for life sciences, announces the release of
JChem for SharePoint to fully enable chemistry within Microsoft's
SharePoint(TM) platform. The launch includes Web Parts and Custom Lists for
chemical editing, search and property prediction. The development has been in
conjunction with pharmaceutical R&D partners.

ChemAxon's JChem is an industry leading chemical platform toolkit used to
help life science researchers store, search and characterize chemical
structures. The availability of JChem for SharePoint Web Parts and Custom
Lists lets SharePoint architects and users to easily add enterprise chemistry
understanding to SharePoint intranet portals, extranets, websites, blogs,
wiki's and other SharePoint instances.

Speaking at the announcement during the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo,

Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon commented "With JChem for SharePoint ChemAxon
is now providing the most robust and extensive capabilities for the
deployment of enterprise wide cheminformatics," and later added "By
developing this with the industry the features are much more suitable for
immediate deployment and use."

For more information and to arrange demo or freely download for
evaluation, please visit:

About ChemAxon

ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software development
platforms and applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and
agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization,
search and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and
drug design, ChemAxon focuses upon active interaction with users and software
portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and
programming interfaces to power modern cheminformatics and chemical
communication. For more information please visit http://www.chemaxon.com.