KonaRed(TM) Bursts Onto The Beverage Scene With National Roll Out

April 14, 2011

KONA, Hawaii, April 14 2011 /PRNewswire/ — KonaRed(TM) announced today the launch of its 100% natural antioxidant beverage. Powered by Hawaii’s own superfruit and complete with nature’s most powerful antioxidants, KonaRed(TM) has already created a stir and continues to carve out a huge niche in the wellness beverage industry: It is already available in more than 1,000 stores in Hawaii, California and Texas and the list is growing at warp speed.

The crisp, berry-flavored taste of KonaRed(TM) comes from the ripe, cherry-like fruit of the coffee plant that surrounds the bean. CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts rediscovered the coffee plant superfruit (used for centuries in Ethiopian culture for its powerful antioxidants) in the mineral-rich soil of Hawaii’s Big Island coffee plantations.

KonaRed(TM) packs big flavor and big benefits in one bold bottle. The beverage is made with 100% natural juice, blended with other body loving fruits, including pineapple, apple and raspberry, and contains no coffee beans, no preservatives and no added sugar or caffeine. KonaRed(TM) includes unprecedented levels of powerful antioxidants – Quinic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid and Ferulic Acid – each with protective benefits that are scientifically proven to help fight disease, suppress appetite, and inhibit inflammation. Better still, it is highly bio-available, meaning the beverage’s antioxidant properties are absorbed at the cellular level, giving the body what it needs when it needs it.

KonaRed(TM) is now available in 16 oz. bottles and 3 oz. wellness shots in grocery, convenience and health food stores in Hawaii, California and Texas, including Henry’s, Bristol Farms, Gelsons, Whole Foods and HEB markets. The 16-oz bottle is $4.99 and 3-oz wellness shots are $2.99. Additionally, consumers can purchase the product by contacting KonaRed(TM) at 808.212.1553 or visiting www.konared.com. Stick packs and nutritious chews will roll out later this year.

About KonaRed(TM)

In 2008, KonaRed(TM)’s executive team, led by CEO and Co-Founder Shaun Roberts, began to study the benefits of the coffee fruit in conjunction with Kona’s major coffee producers, which led to perfecting extraction methods and months of testing in leading U.S. laboratories to identify antioxidants and their benefits. Clinically tested and proven from this process, KonaRed(TM) was created. For more information on KonaRed(TM), visit www.konared.com, or call 808.212.1553. We invite fans to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or watch us on YouTube.


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