Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc. Launches New Marketing Service for Network Members

April 20, 2011

PHOENIX, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc. (Preferred) announced that it has launched a new marketing service for its network members, “Referred by PREFERRED.”

Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc. is a network of therapist-owned physical, occupational and speech therapy clinics in private practice, and although Preferred’s primary service is the insurance contracts Preferred provides to its members, Preferred also provides many other benefits aimed to help private practices succeed, including the marketing assistance through Referred by PREFERRED.

Referred by PREFERRED helps participating clinics market to physicians in their area by announcing the services that the physical, occupational or speech therapy practice provides and the insurance plans that they accept, in an effort to encourage physicians to refer patients to their therapy practice. Preferred also advises the physicians that Preferred’s practices have gone through a comprehensive credentialing process and have met stringent quality standards.

In addition, Referred by PREFERRED provides an option to obtain valuable feedback regarding the rehabilitation clinic from physicians through a Physician Satisfaction Survey. Preferred sends the questionnaire to physicians directly, and the survey can be returned to Preferred anonymously. The survey results are compiled and reported back to the private practice’s owner to evaluate if any changes need to be made to their clinic based on the doctor’s feedback. Positive results will also be reported so that the owner can share with their staff, which is helpful to morale.

“Because physicians are important sources of referral to private practitioners, the impressions and feedback from physicians are extremely helpful. By giving physicians the opportunity to submit surveys to an objective third party – in this case, Preferred – the sensitivity of potential criticism is removed and the comments more straightforward than if sent by the therapist,” states Jaxene Hillebert, president of Preferred.

Founded in July, 1992, Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc. connects physical, occupational and speech therapy practices to PPOs, insurance companies, third party payors and other entities integral to practice success. Preferred has over 1200 participating clinics in 34 states. In addition to contracting, marketing and industry support, Preferred has numerous agreements with quality vendors to benefit in purchasing discounts for private practice clinics.

For more information about Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc., please call (800) 664-5240 or visit www.preferredtherapy.com.

Julie Jones
Network Services

PREFERRED Therapy Providers, Inc.

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