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April 20, 2011

NEW YORK, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Any frequent flier knows that spending hours on a crowded plane seems like the perfect way to pick up a cold or flu. Most think that the sick feeling many experience while traveling is due to germs circulating in a small space, but it also has to do with the dry, oxygen-thin atmosphere of the cabin. Fliers can breathe easier while traveling by supporting their natural respiratory defense to combat cold and flu germs. Introducing Skycap, a revolutionary natural nasal moisturizer designed to support our first line of defense against airborne germs.

According to the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, the most common cold-causing viruses survive better when humidity is low. Most commercial airlines fly in an elevation range of 30,000 to 35,000 feet, where humidity typically runs at 10 percent or lower. At very low levels of humidity, bacteria and virus trapping moisture in our nasal passages dries up. This cripples our natural defense systems and creates a much more tolerant environment for germs to infect us.

This respiratory defense system, called Mucociliary Clearance, is our first line of defense against the different viruses and bacteria we inhale each minute. Like a mask, germs are trapped by nasal moisture and transported to the back of our throat where they are safely eliminated in our digestive system, reducing our vulnerability to the common cold and flu. Shut down those systems and suffering is imminent.

While remedies like immune system enhancing vitamins may help in fighting or lessening the duration of an infection, true preventive measures must take place at the infection transmission point of entry – the nose.

How Skycap Works

Skycap was developed to naturally prevent nasal dryness by coating the lining of the nasal passages with a gel that prevents dehydration while moisturizing the mucosa.

The secret behind Skycap lies in its nasal moisturizing ingredients: Glycerin and Grapeseed Oil.

  • Glycerin acts as a moisturizer and humectant that pulls moisture out of the air thereby increasing humidity inside the nose
  • Grapeseed Oil is an essential oil with a high linoleic acid count which acts as a moisturizer
  • Polaxamer 184 is a surfactant that binds Glycerin and Grapeseed Oil together so they don’t separate out in solution. The product is self-preserving and requires no antimicrobials as glycerin naturally prevents contamination

In a recent randomized, single-blinded study, Skycap was applied to the mucosa of one nostril and a control to the mucosa of the other nostril. Subjects were then exposed to an intensely dry environment for a prolonged period of time after which a zero gauge endoscope was used to evaluate the moisture and appearance of the nasal mucosa of both nostrils. Subjects filled out a questionnaire about the condition of both nostrils after being exposed to the dry environment. Results showed that 75% of subjects found that it was easier to breathe out of the nostril treated with Skycap and 67% of subjects found the nostril treated with Skycap to be less dry and more lubricated. In conclusion, Skycap kept the nasal mucosa well lubricated in an extremely dry environment and allowed for easier breathing.

How Skycap Is Used

Skycap Inflight Nasal Swabs come packaged in a four-set – enough for one round trip flight per person. Simply apply one Skycap Nasal Swab to the inside of one nostril before flight. Discard used swab and use a new swab for the second nostril.

Skycap sells for $9.99 for a round-trip set (4 swabs) and is sold at select Trofie stores nationwide and at www.skycapproducts.com.

To learn more about Skycap or to request samples please contact Alexis Tedesco of Lexamedia at 347.830.4004 / alexis@lexamediapr.com


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