Deer Meadows Retirement Community Partners with DaVita, Inc. to Become Philadelphia Region’s Only Continuing Care Retirement Community Offering Bedside Dialysis and Ventilator Care

April 26, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, April 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Deer Meadows Retirement Community is pleased to announce that it has become the only Continuing Care Retirement Community in the Philadelphia region to provide both ventilator care and bedside dialysis. In association with DaVita, Inc., Deer Meadows will offer bedside hemodialysis for its residents requiring dialysis who are appropriate candidates for this modality, including residents who utilize ventilators or have tracheostomies.

Specially trained registered nurses will provide gentle, daily, on-site dialysis and ventilator services, so residents will not need to be transported to dialysis centers, minimizing disruptions in residents’ social activities, meals and continuity of care. This convenient access to bedside dialysis is important to the quality of residents’ lives since it allows us to dialyze them up to five to six times a week to maintain steadier blood clearance. For added convenience, residents can be dialyzed overnight to allow for daytime activities.

“We are pleased to collaborate with DaVita to provide Deer Meadows residents with the region’s most convenient delivery of bedside dialysis. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our residents by embracing innovation in care,” said Michael Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Deer Meadows.

Deer Meadows Retirement Community, a division of BHP Services, Inc., provides on-site independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, health care (skilled nursing), ventilator/tracheostomy and bedside dialysis, hospice care, dementia care, as well as home health and support services for the greater Philadelphia region. Deer Meadows is located at 8301 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia PA. For more information about new programs at Deer Meadows, call Jennifer Daniels, RN, NHA, Deer Meadows Community Administrator at 215-624-7575.

DaVita, Inc. is a leading provider of renal care in the United States and consistently surpasses national averages for clinical outcomes.

SOURCE BHP Services, Inc.

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