TheRecipeDiva.com to Raise Awareness & Donations for ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’

May 2, 2011

DALLAS, May 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TheRecipeDiva.com, a global recipe sharing and social networking website for foodies, chefs and cooks, today announced a new initiative to raise awareness and donations for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” The Recipe Diva will donate one dollar to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” for every new user that registers on TheRecipeDiva.com during the month of May and encourage action among current users with a social media campaign.

An online hub for numerous food experiences, TheRecipeDiva.com features a variety of cooking and lifestyle tips, daily helpful how-to’s and online foodie forums. Throughout the month of May, the website will concentrate on topics specific to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” with an emphasis on health and changing the way people eat.

As part of the month-long campaign, TheRecipeDiva.com will highlight specific “special” recipe categories including: child-friendly, low fat, heart healthy and low calorie recipes. The online forums and how-to’s will focus on healthy cooking techniques and methods for working with fresh ingredients. In addition, users will find a “Weekly Health Tip” and alternative healthy cooking methods from Shannon McNeil, a registered and licensed dietician.

To create greater awareness of “Food Revolution” cause, TheRecipeDiva.com will also launch a social networking campaign using Facebook and Twitter. Followers will be encouraged to interact with other supporters and help spread the word about The Recipe Diva’s mission to donate to the Food Revolution for all new registered users in May.

“I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. His passion to make a difference in the way people eat is so important. I respect and applaud his efforts,” said Jacquelyn McVey, founder of TheRecipeDiva.com. “We’ll do whatever we can to educate people about his Food Revolution mission through our different platforms.”

About The Recipe Diva

The Recipe Diva LLC. is a recipe sharing and social networking cooking website. The site provides a user-friendly meeting place for foodies interested in sharing recipes and improving their cooking skills to come together. The Recipe Diva currently has users from over 30 countries.

About Jamie Oliver

In the past five years Jamie Oliver has been on a mission to get people healthier by cooking with fresh foods. His Food Me Better campaign in the United Kingdom led the British government to add $1 billion into the school food budget and, more recently, his Food Revolution campaign in the United States collected more than 650,000 signatures and helped pass the Healthy Hunger Free Kid Act of 2010.

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